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SPOILER ALERT!!! And in case you haven't seen the episode Viki has the full eng sub ready to watch, check it out! ^-^ Episode 15 of Good Doctor automatically started with a chilling/suspenseful beginning and then throughout the show there were some cute little scenes (i.e. the whole panda stethoscope or how Dr. Cha seem to get jealous when Park was talking to the manger [or was that just my thoughts?]) but overall there were cute moments...then there is the ending! I was like >o< OMO did you just see that! I can't believe the "good fighter" Dr. Kim got stab and boom they end it right there, talk about a cliff hanger! So now we have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens to our poor Dr. Kim, but I have to say overall this was a really good episode and the ending was AWESOME! What were some of your thoughts on today's episode? Leave your comments below vvvv :)
It got me too. Haha. :p
yeah... park si on' childlike honesty was the thing that got them...
Yeah I agree it's so cute!! Just like Park told Kim that he kind of sees him as his big brother because he was like I have to people that are strong and warm and he told him he is one and then it was hilarious when Park was snickering at him when he use the stethoscope. Hahaha.
@evelyn... i think kim do han thinks of park si on as his brother now... you know kim's personality....though he is not saying it... park si on slowly crept into his heart...lol ..... as what he does to every character in the story... he made them love him without trying to...
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