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Yey semester of school is over for me! lol sorry I happy to be done, reason why I didn't get to post yesterday and doing it so late tonight!!! Okay Chapter! So I'm sure people were curious how Layla and Tao broke up, well I had to write it up lol. its a very interesting way. I kind of feel bad for doing it even as I wrote I cringed. I promise next chapter will make you feel better!
Layla view*** Keri was away with Yoongi for The weekend. I was happy for her, and myself. I couldn't help but grin cause I got to hang out with the rest of the guys since Keri was gone. Friday Tae started to message me after Keri and Yoongi left. Soon after Kooki and Hobi started as well. It got to the point that all three were sending so many at a time Tao got upset and took my phone from me. We had been out at lunch together when he just pulled my phone out of my hand and stuck it in his pocket. "No more. Pay attention to me" he had said. After that I had spent the next hour with him before he kissed me goodbye and handed my phone back. I had 86 text messages. Only one from Keri showing me a picture of Japan saying she got there in one piece. I was glad to see that. After going through messages I ended up just calling tae and him inviting me over. The next day Kooki was the one to call me and tell me to come over. 2 days in a row I hung out with them, but the third day.  I got a phone call from Tao, Tae had answered thinking Keri was calling me. "Where are you? When are you coming back! I miss you! Miss meeee" Tae said answering my phone. My eyes widened. "Tae Tae, keri is on a plane back right now" I told him even as he turned to me and handed the phone to me. Tao's picture was showing on the screen. "I'm sorry I thought you would be the one she called right off the plane" Tae explained. "Who is it?" Kooki asked munching on something that looked like a stick. "Her boyfriend" Tae said turning and walking away. "Boyfriend? You have one of those?" Kooki asked staring at her wide eyed. I gave him an annoyed look. "Yes" I stated. I turned away from him and answered the phone. "Layla who was that?"Tao asked over the phone. "Sorry Tae grabbed my phone from me" I said. "What is he doing taking your phone?" He questioned. "He was messing around" I said. "You know you've been spending a lot of time with them" he said. "Well they have been wanting to hang out" I said. "Well when are you going to be with me?" He asked. "Its been 2 days honey. You've gone longer without seeing me" I told him. "But you don't spend that entire time with other guys" he said. "No, but I don't have guy friends." I said. "Okay before this" I added. "See you can't have guy friends" he stated. "Excuse me?" I said taken a back.  Kooki was rounding around me and was staring at me with interest. "Guys can't be your friend" Tao said.  I turned away from kooki. "And why can't I?" I knew I had a little bit of attitude going Now. "Because guys and girls can't be friends" Tao said. "Well is that really what you think?" I questioned "Lay, if you honestly think guys can just be friends with you your wrong" he sneered. Tae was now coming back and looking at me concerned. "Well then I'm going to prove you wrong" I said confidently. "What? Then your going to spend even more time with them? Tao chuckled on the phone. "Lay, you'll end up with sleeping one of those guys" he said. "No I won't! What kind of person do you think I am to cheat on you" I was shocked he even said it. "Lay if you cheat on me that just proves how right I am" he chuckled then stopped. "Wait, your not allowed to see them, ever again. Your not going to have that happen" he said. "They're my friends." I said.  Oh how I wanted a little privacy and these two boys weren't really giving me any, as they stood on either side of me. Jin walked by, stopped and staired at me before he continued on. "Layla I swear if you end up falling for one of them and letting them fuck you then your not the girl I thought you were" Tao said. I was seeing red with that comment. Who was he to say that. He never had any problems with my other friends, and he didn't act this way. It was like he was jealous but saying all the wrong words "Why are you acting like this? Your jumping to conclusions" I told Tao. "Yea, well maybe I have to in order to fill in the blanks of what your doing" he said. "Don't fill in the blanks, its not like anything is going on here" I told him. "Uh sorry to interrupt, Keri and yoongi just walked in" Jin said. Tae and Kooki perked up and ran for the front door. Good, gave me a little privacy. "Tao. If your going to jump to conclusions like this, why are you talking to your friends up us!" I questioned. This annoyed me. It dawned on me every time he jumped the gun it was because his friends put ideas in his head. "Well I needed someone to talk to. Your not talking to me" Tao said. "They are putting stupid ideas in your head" I told him. "Are you calling my friends stupid?" He questioned. "Yes, yes I am" I had a straight face on when I said that. I mean honestly they weren't but when it came to girls, his group of guy friends were clueless. "Well your friends are worse. And those guys are going to test you. I swear they are going to get in your head and when you least expect it you'll fall for one of them and all of a sudden your cheating on me and I won't be fucking you right after one of them." He was going around in circles. It was downright insulting. "Well then maybe you should break up with me, that way you won't have to" I shot out at him. "Well then I will! Have a nice life Lay!" He said and a second later he was no longer there. He had hung up. I was so pissed off. How could he act like this, oh I was annoyed and pissed off. "Layla is here too!" Someone said making me look up. Great, put on a happy face Layla! Be happy to see your friend. I went over and greeted the couple. There was a split second of walking out but yoongi stopped me sayings Keri had gotten me something as well. My heart beat, awe my friend cared for me! It made me happy even as my heart started to hurt. I really just broke up with Tao. He really agreed to break up with me. Keri must have noticed I was about to cry as I held onto the pretty perfume bottle she got me. When we entered the room I burst into tears.
Uuuum first I just have to comment! Joonie! What are you doing with those lace gloves and Net hose! omo I see your fetish showing!!!! (sorry had to just um had to) lol okay yup you see! Tao got really jealous and said some very bad things! I feel bad for Layla and why oh why did Kooki and Tae continually stay by her during that phone call like omo!! ooo I really am looking forward to posting the next chapter though now, Its in Tae's view and what's going on in his head when he sees Layla crying Ooooo I just can't. lol okay I done lol just done.
My sister sent me that pic of Namjoon last night, I almost died! And finally Layla is free! I got confused at first and thought Lay like Lay Lay not Lay like Layla but now that Tao's gone, Tae can be with her! Excited for the next part!
since you finished class and didn't post yesterday does that mean you'll post Taes view tonight???? I need more please please please!!!!
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@JaxomB lol soon hopefully in the next half hour. 😊
Oh Tao is such a dick, there is another word in my head but I will refrain from using it because I personally find it too offensive.
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lol thankies. 😁