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Since, some people on last week's card expressed a like for black haired Key. This week, that's the hair we shall focus on.
Predebut Key is life
How he went from cute dork to 24/7 model is still beyond me
The hair extensions in Everybody actually looked good on him
Black hair and eyeliner
Black was an all around good hair color for him.


No chill
Let me know your favorites in the comments and I'll make a card showing them off. If you wish to be added, please notify me or one of the other mods.
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He is my bias, and he will always be fabulous!
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a year ago
Key also looks good in hats.
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he really does
a year ago
He's my UB so he's always fabulous, but the first pic and 7 pic 3rd block I saw that and died...He looks so damn sexy in it, so manly I just yeah...all of these of him are great but those two made my heart flutter
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he's my UB too and those pics hit me hard too when I first saw them
a year ago
I want to meet him he's beautiful all of shinee is but it's impossible because I live in the us and he lives in korea 馃挃
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a year ago
See, Vingle tries to add new biases with every post 馃槱 I just want to live!!!
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do you have wreckers?
a year ago