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2 updates tonight!!! lol this one is short and a heartfelt one. its in Tae's view, its short since its the second for the night, hope you don't mind.
Tae view*** When me and kooki entered the room showing keri and Layla what we drew, we came in at the wrong time. After we finished showing off our coloring skills I took a look at the girls. Layla was leaning against Keri crying. I don't know what Keri said to her, maybe it was because she really liked the present kwri got her that she was crying. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Her boyfriend broke up with her" keri said rubbing Layla's back. "What? When?" I was confused. "Earlier tonight. He got really jealous and said a bunch of things" Layla sniffled. "That asshole" kooki said.  That shocked me, kooki didn't say things like that, well mostly because Jin would slap the back of his head, he knew better. Kooki stepped in front of me and went to kneel in front of her. He took ahold of her hands and Layla looked at him. "If you need someone to talk to. I'm here." Kooki told her. I watched as she lifted her hand and ruffled his hair making kooki smile. "Thanks. I appreciate that" she told him. I stood there frozen watching this scene, I felt like the odd person out who wanted to fit in, to be Kooki. "Tae Tae" Keri said catching my attention. I shook my head and plastered a smile on my face. "Yes? You like my drawing?" I asked holding it out stupidely. Keri chuckled. "Come here and give Layla a hug, she needs one" keri said. Layla looked over at me with a sad watery smile on her face. Damn, how did Keri do it? It was like she knew what I wanted. I wanted to be included, I wanted to comfort Layla, I wanted to be apart of that little group in front of me. Keri just said one sentence and let me have it. I went over, handed keri my drawing and then gave Layla a hug. She held onto me for a little longer then I thought she would. "Thanks Tae, I needed that hug" layla said. I smiled at her. "Don't I get to give you a hug too?" Kooki pouted. Layla turned to him and nodded before leaning forward and wrapping her arms around Kooki. "Is girl time over?" Yoongi questioned looking in from the doorway. "Yea, it got crashed" Keri said looking at Yoongi. He gave her a soft smile and came further into the room to sit next to her. "Oh no, the couple needs to get out" Layla said pushing Keri up before yoongi could sit. "Geeze I see I'm no longer wanted" Keri chuckled. "You call me If you need to talk" keri said to  layla before walking out. "Was it that phone call earlier with him?" Kooki asked. "Yes. He didn't like me having guy friends" Layla said. "He got mad over that?" Kooki asked. "Well then he started jumping to conclusions and we got into a war on what wouldn't happen" she said. She was no longer crying. That was a good thing, but she was starting to look more and more pissed off. "He got jealous. Isnt that natural?" Kooki asked. "Yes, and you would think a girl would like that, but the things he said just annoyed me and pissed me off. He listens more to his friends then me. I tell him nothing will happen if I'm friends with a guy but he got it in his head that I'll fall for one of you and start cheating on him. He has no trust in me" she said. Was that really what would happen if a girl was friends with a guy? I wondered in my head how to answer that, but since I did want to be more then friends with Layla I had mixed feelings. "Well is he not friends with any girls?" Kooki asked. She laughed harshly. "Oh he has several girls who he's friends with. I've trusted him that they are just friends" she said "but now I wonder" she sighed "thanks kooki for bringing that up" she added. "Boo no I didn't mean to make you feel worse" kooki said holding onto her hands. "No it's okay" she sighed. "I see he has double standards. Gah I don't want to think of this anymore" layla shook her head and her hair went wild. "Make me happy. Let me color with you two" she said looking over at me. "We can do that. Lookie color in my book!" Kooki said all of a sudden pushing his coloring book into her hands. Coloring book? Oh that's right I was still holding mine to. I looked at my hands. "I'll get you crayons" I said I started walking out the door not sure what to do with myself. "Hey Tae Tae" layla said. I stopped and turned to look at her. She looked not as sad as when I first walked in but she still didn't look like she was happy. "What is it?" I asked. She motioned for me to come over, so I did. "Can I see your arm?" She asked. I showed her my arm and she pulled at it then sprayed her perfume onto my arm. "I needed a test strip" she said then smelled my arm. I couldn't help but laugh at that.  
Its wow! You can tell Tae is having a thing for Layla, but hmm does kooki??? he's awfully chummy with layla in this chapter. and ooo go Keri! including Tae like that. :)
Awww.....the boys will make Layla feel better.
yea!!! thank you for this i needed this now I wonder kookie's view I want to know what he's thinking
Ahh Tae Tae is so stinking cute, I think this just made me ship him and Layla so much more. :x I kind of want to know what Kookie is thinking too, I get a feeling we may be getting some more drama. 😅
please update soon unnie ( ?)(I'm a 97 liner)
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@SweetDuella omo OKAY I WAIT EAGERLY