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Ahahahaha I just snuck it in last minute but it's Day 16 of the 30 day challenge today's topic is Favorite Friendship(s) I have the one and here's my favorite :)

Ichigo and Rukia

Possibly if not literally the best friendship in the series Ichigo and Rukia really balance each other out as characters Ichigo is headstrong and aggressive while Rukia is tactical and cool headed, these two always seem to have a nice rhythm too. Ichigo gets depressed Rukia ahem RUKIA is there to bring him out of his funk, she sets him straight and as a result Ichigo becomes stronger for it. Ichigo and Rukia argue a lot but they also understand each other because of this Ichigo and Rukia have been and will remain to be the best of friends. TT~TT
So who's your favorite friendship(s)? I already know my friend's is Starrk and Lilionette (I dunno how you spell her name but them) or Uryu and Orihime but what are yours? Go ahead and comment to let me know :3 Thanks for reading Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte
Hahaha because Ichika is a friendship not a romance! Origo for the win! But seriously though, I'd probably pick Yourouchi and Old Hat and clogs because of the way they casually play around with each other. Urahara especially.
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Hey man I hear where you're coming from. The point of comments is to spark conversation and I've had a great pone with ya :) Also I'm sorry to hear about your medical illness I do you your in better condition or care than previously. Lastly I do agree with you Orihime as well as many other characters could have used some more screen time and development to this extent I agree whole heartedly. Especially with the fillers at least with the fillers :/
My fav friendship is rukia and ichigo like ichigo would due for her. and she would defy the SS for him. Theirs a hint of love between them. but their foudation is built on friendship. like any good relationship