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Kpop Stars Do: The Mannequin Challenge

Good morning Fam!^^

I have stumbled upon a few of these from multiple bands and I thought I should share them because they are AMAZING!

(Like seriously how are they so good?!)

Seventeen - Boom Boom

They were perfect the whole time - someone tell me how!!

B1A4 - A Lie

Theirs was awesome. So many changes and shifts it was so fun to watch!

WSJN - Secret

This was literally so freaking adorable. Love them so much!! T-T

Gfriend - Rough

They did some pretty challenging things! You can see them shake a little more than the others but with good reason!

Which band did it the best? Or who was your favorite mannequin out of all of them?

Now I just need BlackPink and EXO to do one and my life is nearly complete lol XD
Savage Thunder Mafia:
Other Fam:
Tagging the randoms~:
H โ€“ @HyunnieKim
U โ€“ @UnicornSuga
X โ€“ @Xoxojessica12
Z โ€“ @Zyxzj @zzzdonk

(Credit to owners of the videos and beginning gifs!)

gymnastic so cool!!!
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B1A4 did a great job.with only 5.people
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Honestly, my favorite is seventeen. Nuff said!
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