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*Spoilers* So when Yuri said he "Let's end this after the Grand Prix final" or something along the lines of that. I honestly don't think it's because he doesn't think he can win or that he thinks Viktor will leave him if he loses. It's because he loves Viktor and saw the hungry eyes of a competitor craving to compete against all these crazy ice skating monsters. Yuri probably feels that if Viktor hadn't become his he probably be competing at this event, therefore Yuri in his own way, is trying to let Viktor go because he knows that he doesn't belong as a coach but he belongs as a competitor. Although Yuri may also feel he's not captivating enough for Viktor but that feeling (I don't think) is what controlled this decision. But this episode was definitely frustrating (for me at least). Yuri getting one of the lowest scores really sucked and it annoys me that he can't land any difficult jumps when every other competitor can. . . It also kinda of annoys how Yuri was super fragile after messing up and Viktor was to busy being mesmerized by everything and everyone else, and then Yuri says something so kind and yet extremely stupid at the end. He should be worrying about himself but instead he's worrying about Viktor, and now he's gone and pour ice water over his dwindling flame of a drive to win because there isn't really a point in winning (other than to win) now that his ultimate prize (Viktor) he just said goodbye too! (of Viktor won't leave until it's actually over) Yuri needs to find his own confidence with out Viktor but now is not the time Yuri!!!! Focus on winning once you've won then it's your choice or not to let your prize go!!! What are your guy's thoughts? @AmazingAshley @AimeBolanos
Victuri is not going anywhere! Do we really think the writers would realk break all these barriers & build their love story to break them up? we should know better..This is another way to surprise us one final time guys. I feel the same way. Yuri wants to do the noble thing and let Victor return to skating because he thinks that is what victor wants. However, victor is not leaving yuri nor is he gonna let yuri walk away from him. After all lol, look what victor did to get yuri. Plus what about the engagement and marriage after? Victor told yuri he didnt want him to retire in ep.9 & ep 10 victor talked about the things he has recieved from yuri. My predictions for episode 12: yuri x victor reaffirm their love and commitment to each other alone in their room & yuri takes that love and skates for a gold medal. Ps: yuri said he'll skate his & victor's love and make it bare to the world ! #BornToMakeHistory
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@HunnaBallue @AnbuRose Thanks guys! History is gonna be made one more time tomorrow !
agreed. he's sacrificing his own happiness for Victor's, which is the ultimate way for him to show the theme of his skating: "love". this proves that he truly understands what it means to love.
I totally agree.