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Yessss!!!!! My friends and I were worried we wouldn't be able to get tickets, but luck was on our side and my friend got us close tickets for the concert!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'LL BE THERE WITH YOU GIRL! :D what section are you in?
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@KittenFear Which day are you going? I'm going to the Thursday one. :D I'll be in section 18!
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Same day as me! Tickets were going by fast. I'm surprised we got that section.
a year ago
ugh i tried but all sold out. have fun
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Yeah for the 23rd. But I mean I wanted to be up close and wanted a certain section, and my friends went to look for tickets right when they went on sale, so the site took a while to show tickets because everyone was going on the site.
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