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It seemed horrible that we have ended women: WAIT! Don't leave me Victor seeing her figure shaking for the answer Victor: Thank you, it has been fun Women: Victor you... so I helped her kowing I feel it but I don't feel nothing
Victor: What? Yuri why now? Yuri: Let's end this. With the relationship of student and coach. I have alreasy transferred all the expenses from training. Victor: I don't know.... I don't understand nothing what your telling me. There is a possibility of winning! You can not give up.
Victor: We can still continue with this for the coming season. Yuri: Victor, you are the king. It's time that the legendary Victor Nikiforov returns to the castle.
Victor: I'm not going to let you go that easy as you think, you need me more that no one. Yuri: Thank you for this year, it was fun Victor: I do not want....
Victor: I dont, I still want to be your coach Yuri
Victor: -Eh? Why is he not hugging me back?- Yuri: Yurio, take care of the rest, make sure that Victor goes back to Russia
Victor: Yuri! Yurio: Now stop, I won't let you continue himuliating yourself this way. Victor: WAIT!
Victor: Don't leave!
Yuri: -that was close, I made him cry- -good thing I didn't have my glasses- -I didn't want Victor seeing me crying-
Yuri: -I think I'm going crazy-
credit to these people I did my best in translating, thank goodness I took Spanish classes ;-; I am crying so much ;-; anime: Yuri!!! on ice
I hate my life and all that I live for
I'll cry if this happens.
I almost cried now T.T
i pray to god they have the same feel in the show as they did n here
Omg thank u for the translation so u could be read this, even though it's sad *crying in the corner of ma room *
I feel you T^T
I'm crying afk