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Well for starters if you are in the Korean drama fandom then you have probably either heard or have watched "Running Man". It is extremely popular internationally, I for one love to watch "Running Man".
I watch this one YouTube channel called HallyuBack and they put out Korean news report videos. I thought I'd share the video with everyone since some people are still confused as to what is really going on with the Korean game-variety show "Running Man".
The video below will tell you exactly what is going on with this popular variety show and why it's ending.

Are you a Running Man fan, if so how do you feel about all of this?

I'm really sad to hear that it's ending but I would rather have it end than have it continue with a completely different group of cast members. The show wouldn't feel the same. I was already upset when I heard Gary was gonna leave and I cried so much, then I heard both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are leaving too. I just couldn't take it. I would rather the show be cancelled then have a new cast. This is just my opinion.

Let me know down below! ^.^~

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I love running man and I'm sad it's ending but it wouldn't be the same without all the members
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Yes it wouldn't be the same at all.
a year ago
I watch HallyuBack also. I didn't really watch Running Man but it sucks that they decided to cancel.
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The only episode I have watched was the one BTS was on. 馃槀
a year ago
It doesn't surprise me it's coming to an end, and I will miss Running Man. But, it wouldn't be Running Man without Tiger and Ace.
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Agreed it's not the same without Gary as well. It just feels incomplete without any of them.
a year ago
I totally agree with you. The show wouldn't be the same with new cast members.
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