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Well for starters if you are in the Korean drama fandom then you have probably either heard or have watched "Running Man". It is extremely popular internationally, I for one love to watch "Running Man".
I watch this one YouTube channel called HallyuBack and they put out Korean news report videos. I thought I'd share the video with everyone since some people are still confused as to what is really going on with the Korean game-variety show "Running Man".
The video below will tell you exactly what is going on with this popular variety show and why it's ending.

Are you a Running Man fan, if so how do you feel about all of this?

I'm really sad to hear that it's ending but I would rather have it end than have it continue with a completely different group of cast members. The show wouldn't feel the same. I was already upset when I heard Gary was gonna leave and I cried so much, then I heard both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are leaving too. I just couldn't take it. I would rather the show be cancelled then have a new cast. This is just my opinion.

Let me know down below! ^.^~

I totally agree with you. The show wouldn't be the same with new cast members.
It doesn't surprise me it's coming to an end, and I will miss Running Man. But, it wouldn't be Running Man without Tiger and Ace.
Agreed it's not the same without Gary as well. It just feels incomplete without any of them.
I watch HallyuBack also. I didn't really watch Running Man but it sucks that they decided to cancel.
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The only episode I have watched was the one BTS was on. 馃槀
I love running man and I'm sad it's ending but it wouldn't be the same without all the members
Yes it wouldn't be the same at all.
You just had to remind me Dx I spent a huge chunk of yesterday extremely depressed about this, it's my favorite show, I'm really really really going to miss it 馃様
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Yes that would be the best for the last episode. I would love for the rumor to be true but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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