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Lol xD this is seriously not true xD it has nothing to do with the storyline xD an illness isn't why Viktor stopped skating xD it's cause he lacked inspiration for the next season of skating but found inspiration in Yuri xD Now after seeing all this fiery new blood he's craving it a little but I'm almost positive that he has absolutely no health issues ^^ So Fans please don't fret, I really doubt the author would drop a bomb that random, I mean it would have almost no ground in the storyline and this anime seems to have a pretty even storyline that flows really smoothly so please think this through before you panic ;)
When did they say he had cancer? Did I miss something?????
same... Maybe it's just some insane fan theory?
thanks hunnaBallue
can't wait to see what happens for yuri on ice 2 season
Nowhere in the show does it say he has cancer. This is a fan theory.
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