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From London to Korea Pt 16

Hope this is enjoyable!


Our mommy daughter date could not have been better! We had haircuts, and I stuck with a few inches off. Mom did the same thing too. Neither of us wanted to make any drastic changes. Our nails on the other hand, well that was something different. I got french tips, something I probably would never do, and mom had gotten the tips, but did an ombre of blues with some glitter. We both kept a modest length. Going from some nail to really long ones is not a good idea for either of us. We’re too klutzy for it. And our girl’s day wasn’t complete till we were both carrying our weight in clothes. My arms are so sore from it.
But it was time to go home. We had about an hour before the party started, and people were probably going to start showing up early. So mom and I agreed to head home to help with any last minute things.
We got home just in time to see my grandma placing the last thing on the table. “We’ve got everything covered ladies. You two just go get dressed.”
“Are you sure grandma?”
“Yes, Carrie. Krista was a big help and you shouldn’t have to do much on one of your biggest days. So go get dressed and let me take some pictures!” With that statement, she grabs her camera to take pictures.
I went up to my room, skipping the shower since I already had this morning. I grab my modest, blue cocktail dress off my bed, turning to grandma so she could zip me.
“You look just like your mother when she was your age.” Tears were beginning to form in her eyes, and I just chuckled.
Embracing her for a hug, I say, “don’t worry. I’ll be back to say hi. I won’t forget.”
“I know dearie. It’s just hard to see you so beautiful and know that I may not see you again for years.”
“I’ll use Skype, and there’s plenty of live streams and music videos I’ll be in. There’ll be ways.”
“Thank you honey. For being so brave, kind, smart, adoring, and staying true to yourself. Don’t lose that in the fame.”
“I promise I won’t. And if I do, I know there’ll be calls coming from quite a few people in our family.”
“Good. Now sit. I want to do your hair.”
Grandma pointed to a chair, and I sat down, watching her grab hairspray, brushes, irons, and bobby pins. I close my eyes to let her work her magic, hearing all sorts of sounds. Mostly grandma pondering to herself. When she’s done, she plants a kiss on top of my head and tells me to open my eyes. I do, only to be greeted by someone who looked more mature than I thought I could be.
“Oh my gosh grandma! It’s so perfect!” I stood up and turned around to see mom and Krista have joined the party.
“My baby looks so grown up.” Mom wipes away a tear.
“I think we need to remember this hairstyle for an awards show. That alone is killer.” I hear from Krista.
Grandma had done my hair by sectioning it into layers. Each one seemed thin, but had plenty of volume from the curls. Then she took a chunk of hair from the front, twisted it, and pinned it to the back of my head. This was repeated until she reached the top of my head, and finished it with two twists layered upon each other.
“Thank you, but I’m not done with her yet! Someone grab the camera for this.”
Apparently, grandma has something else up her sleeves. “Close your eyes. This is gonna feel cold dear.” I was just going with the flow at this point, so I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew there was a liquid against my eyelids, followed by some brush strokes. A sponge was dabbed on my face, and some powder was applied.
“Open your eyes and blink when I say.”
“I can do my own mascara, grandma. It’s not that hard.”
“Nope, I will do it. It’s just so much fun!” Ok then.
“Now, blink. Again. And again. Next eye. Blink. Again. One more time. There that should do it. Now let me brush that off and you should be good.”
I open my eyes once more, only to discover my eyelashes have become the perfect length, my eyes popped and had the right amount of shimmer from the eyeshadow, my face looked imperfectly perfect, showing that I am still human and have teenage skin, and my lips had an innocent pink tint to them.
“Ok, do you want to come do her hair and makeup for concerts and everything else?” I hear the pleading and honesty saturated in Krista’s voice, but I don’t turn around. I’m still stunned by how good I look.
“I wish I could. But I’m staying here with Angie, trying to keep a safe place for Carrie if she needs it.”
“You guys are welcome any day, just heads up.”
“Hello? Where did all my ladies go? This house is so empty.”
“Yay! Grandpa’s here!” I hear him chuckle as I go to my door to see him.
“Oh there’s my little angel!” He wrapped his arms around me as I wrapped my arms around his neck and he spun us around. “You look gorgeous baby girl. Just like your mother.”
“Grandma said the same thing, after she was done beating up my hair and face.”
“That sounds like her. But, your uncles and cousins called. They said they were almost here, so we should go wait for them. Gosh, I just want to parade you around town like a town ambassador.”
A car horn sounds. “Uncle Jim’s here!” That means my cousins are too! Yes!
Soon after, the rest of the family showed up. The party was jamming, and the security stayed mostly in the shadows, watching for anyone suspicious. I was receiving congratulations all night, mostly from the rest of my family who just learned about it. What can I say? I’m an unusually private person. I understand why they were giving me praise, but I wish I would’ve been able to get through the night without thinking about it.
Everyone also met Krista, and told her to watch out for me. I think they liked her, I mean, everyone had smiles plastered on their faces after talking to her.
When it came time for the graduates to traditionally open gifts, it was awkward and mostly skipped over. At this point, if I do any more college since I’ve done PSEO, it’ll all be online. I don’t need anything for a dorm, so mostly I got cards with money that I’m saving half and giving the rest to mom, as well as some comfort items like blankets and books. My room at TS is a prepared for what they want, so my end of decorating is done.
Unfortunately, the party was over before I realized it, and my family began to go to the hotel they booked rooms at, just so they could see me off in the morning. After the silence sank in, and the guards left, my insides felt like they were being torn apart. My emotions were running wild, as I tried to make sense of it all. But instead, I was just sitting on my bed, with mom’s hoodie on and bawling my eyes out. I thought this would be easier, but I’m thankful the heartache is hitting me now. Not in Korea where I have to fight for everything I want. My emotions have to remain steady if I want to prove I’m worthy of the job.
There’s a knock on my door, and I try to wipe my eyes before looking up to see my grandma standing there with my mom, who looks about as good as I do right now.
“I thought you guys could use each other.”
Suddenly, both mom and I are standing in the middle of my room, sobs racking our bodies and tears staining our shoulders. We stand there for who knows how long, until our eyes are dry and our bodies exhausted. Wordlessly, we climb into bed, cuddling the other for the last time.
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