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Hi Everyone! This is my entry for the Holiday Fanfic Contest. I hope you all enjoy my story!
Christmas time had always been your favorite time of year. The decorations, the food, and the music always made you so happy. Ever since you were a little girl, you looked forward to Christmas Eve the most. Your family always had a Christmas Eve party, which you looked forward to every year, and the anticipation of waking up on Christmas Day, to a tree surrounded by gifts made it even more magical. This year was going to be different though. It would be your first Christmas away from your family. You had moved to Seoul to be with your boyfriend, whom you had met when you were interning abroad two years ago, for Cube Entertainment. Although you were so happy to be in Seoul with your boyfriend Hyunsik, you couldn’t help but miss your family especially this time of year. You had expected to spend the holidays with your boyfriend, but unfortunately, he had last minute overseas promotions for his group BTOB and would be away for the holidays. It was always tough when he had to go away for work, but you knew what your were getting in to when you started dating an idol. And when he was around, you knew that you made the right decision to be with him. You had never been so happy in your life, as you were when you were with him.
It was Christmas Eve, and your apartment was decorated, you had baked some delicious sugar cookies, and you were about to sit down with a glass of wine and your favorite holiday movie, ‘Love Actually’, when you heard your phone going off. You saw it was Hyunsik Facetiming you, and picked it up right away. “Hi Jagiya. Merry Christmas Eve!” Your boyfriend greeted you. “Hi Hyunsik oppa. Merry Christmas Eve to you too! How is everything going?” You asked. “Everything is going well, we finally have some down time so we are all at the hotel. I thought I would call you before I went to bed.” “I’m glad you did, I’ve been missing you!” You told him. “I know Jagiya, I miss you too.” “Hyunsik-ah do you want to see the apartment, I finished decorating?” You asked. You and Hyunsik had bought the Christmas tree together, but he had left before you had a chance to decorate together. “Of course, I can’t wait to see it,” he said. You took him all around the apartment to show him everything that you had done. “Jagiya, it looks wonderful,” he said after you finished your tour. “I can’t wait to see it when I get home.” “I can’t wait for you too see it either.” “Who are all of the presents for?” Hyunsik asked. “Most are for you, and some are for the boys,” you answered. “If you could have anything under the tree, when you wake up tomorrow, what would it be?” Hyunsik asked. “Hmmm, if I could have anything under the tree, I think I would want it to be you, so we could spend Christmas together.” You answered. “I wish I could be there.” Hyunsik responded. “Although I can’t be there tomorrow, I will be home to spend New Years with you, and I can’t wait!” Your boyfriend told you. “I can’t wait to see you then,” you responded. “Now I will let you go so you can get some sleep, you must be tired.” You told your hardworking boyfriend. “Goodnight Jagiya, saranghae, and Merry Christmas.” “Saranghae Hyunsik, Merry Christmas to you too!”
After hanging up from your call with your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but miss him even more. You settled in to watch your movie, and before you knew it the movie was over and you were ready to go to bed. You were exhausted from all of your decorating and baking, so as soon as your head hit the pillow, you fell into a deep sleep. Before you knew it however, you were awoken by the smell of coffee. You rolled over to look at the clock and saw that it was only 8:00 in the morning. You didn’t think you had set your coffee maker to make coffee before you woke up, since you had been planning on sleeping in, but you figured if the coffee was made, you might as well get up. You put on your fuzzy slippers and robe, and started to go to the kitchen, when you stopped. Right in front of your Christmas tree was Hyunsik. “Hyunsik-ah what are you doing here?” You questioned as you ran into his arms, for one of his magical hugs, which you had been longing for over the past two weeks. “Well Jagiya, I couldn’t imagine being away from you on Christmas, so I came back a little early.” “I’m so happy you are here!” You exclaimed. “Why don’t you open your presents, and then I will make us some breakfast.” “Okay, Jagiya.” The two of you sat down by the tree, and Hyunsik opened his gifts. Luckily you knew him so well, that all of your gifts were a success. “Jagiya, I’m sorry I don’t have many gifts for you. I didn’t have much time to go shopping.” Hyunsik told you with a sad look on his face. “Don’t worry, you being here is all I ever wanted for Christmas anyway.” You told him. “I was able to get one gift, while I was away, but you have to close your eyes.” Hyunsik told you. You closed your eyes, and waited patiently to see what the gift was that he had in store for you. You heard Hyunsik go into another room, and when he had settled back in to his spot near you, he told you to open your eyes.
As you opened your eyes, you couldn’t believe the sight in front of you. Hyunsik on one knee, with a black jewelry box in his hands. “Jagiya, ever since the day I met you I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. When I’m with you there isn’t anywhere else I would rather be, and when I’m away from you I look forward to coming home to you. Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and be my wife?” He opened the box in his hands and your eyes fell on the most beautiful diamond ring you had ever seen. When you had gone to bed the night before, you never expected that you would wake up on Christmas Day to see you boyfriend, and to get a proposal. “Yes, of course I will marry you,” you squealed in excitement as you threw your arms around him, and sealed your future together with a kiss. As the two of you cuddled on the couch in front of your beautiful Christmas tree, and with the beautiful ring on your finger, you couldn’t imagine a greater Christmas. Everything you had ever dreamed of had been under the Christmas tree, just like you had wanted.
This was precious! I loved it A
Ahhhhh!!!! This was so cute!! I loved it~~~. Awesome one shot!! 😄😍😍😍💖