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Its day 17 of the 30 day challenge and although I've done a card on this already I might as well do one on it again.

Ichika - Ichigo&Rukia

I'm a staunch defender of this ship as it makes the most sense to have happened but didn't. Rukia and Ichigo had emotional moments together Rukia was always the one making Ichigo feel better whenever he was in a funk, and again the many moments these two had where they just look at each other losing themselves in one another but alas this ship didn't sail what ever NEXT!


These two get along in an almost to "friendly" way. Yoruichi even threw away her captains seat to save Kisuke from the soul society. I'd have to guess there's more than meets the eye here but we'll never get to really know now will we :(
So who do you ship? Comment and let me know although I'd gander there are only 2 ships at war right now xD Thanks for reading Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte
i ship ichigo and tatsuki together or ichigo and rukia. ichigo has literally almost the sane personality as tatsuki. she the first girl to ever be alone in ichigo room lol
Renjika. Made to be together.
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@JessSenpai Not according to Tite Kubo