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Five years have went down since the last time Mino saw his brother. His attitude changed to the point which he became heartless and colder. Ruby is the only one trying to keep him safe by following him to where ever he goes. Mino started drinking and get into fights and killing others. Things have changed and Mino feels empty. Ruby began to get dinner ready. She walks towards Mino so he can eat. Mino stands and began to eat. Then Mino grabbed the plate and whip it acrios the room and the plate smashes on the wall. "You cant cook something better than all this shit? I want some real food Ruby. This is all crap." Mino stands, grabs his jacket and leaves the house. Ruby can only do is cry. She felt like she cant comfort him in the way she wanted. Not the way of what her heart desires. As she began to clean up the mess, she felt like she was being watched. She act like a fool to just actually listen her surroundings. Then she heard someone stepped on a twig outside. Ruby quickly picked up her head and saw someone dressed in black.
Ruby began to run outside to see who is the person. He runs through the forest and she begans to run after him. As she ran for a while, she stopped as she noticed that she lost him. "Who was he?" She thought. She arrives back to the cabin. Then she saw Mino with blood all over him. Ruby ran to him. Mino was drunk. As she brings him into the house she saw a dead body of a young woman. Her clothes was ripped and her throat slashed. "She was following me Ruby. I had to. I must" Ruby looked at Mino and slapped across his face. Then she signed him: "You need to stop. This is too much. You have killed over 30 people in two weeks. You must stop." " No!! I know these people. They have killed Jiyong. They work for the people who try to kill us." "Mino... you must stop. Jiyong is dead. And nothing cant bring him back!!" Mino dropped to the floor and began to cry. Ruby sat down in front of him and began to hold his bloody hands. "Ruby are you mad because im like this. Aint you scared or hate me because im a monster" "Mino, I know this is who you are. But you are not a monster. You just need to stop. Nothing wont bring him back" "I want him back Ruby! I want my brother back!" Mino cried and hugged Ruby. Mino's heart has been broken and his hate is growing day by day. Ruby helped Mino to the bathroom so he can wash up and she began to wrap the body and bury it somewhere in the forest. Ruby began to pull the body to the forest. Once she found a place to bury it. She began to dig. As she finished the job. She saw the man in black again. This time, he dont know she is behind him. She approached to him quietly. Once she was about to grab his shoulder he turns around. Ruby falls to the floor as she cant believe her eyes. The man in black began to run away. "No... no it cant be" She thought. Ruby quickly picked up the shovel and began to run back to the cabin. She saw Mino scrubbing his hair with the towel. She began to make noises to Mino. "Ruby!? What happened? Relax...Tell me whats wrong?" Ruby began to calm down and she quickly sign. "I just saw Jiyong!" "You what!!!?" "I swear i just saw Jiyong. He was dressed all black." "Where Ruby?" "In the woods. But he ran off!" Mino face turned white. Then he began to run outside. Ruby runs after him. Mino began to search through the woods. His breathing began to get heavy as he desperately began to look for his brother. But there's no sign of him. "Ruby are you sure saw him" "Yes." "Where is he Ruby... WHERE IS HE!!!?" Mino grabbed Ruby and began to shake her as he kept repeating his question over and over. Then he push her to the ground. Ruby fell and bang her head on a rock. Mino saw the blood running down her head and he quickly approached to her, but Ruby pushed him off. She stands and began to walk back to the cabin.
Mino stand alone in the middle of the forest. "Jiyong! Jiyooong! JIYOONNGGG!" Mino screamed and screamed through the dark skies. His head began to pound as the cold began to hit his body.He falls to the ground and brought his knees up towards his body and he placed his head to his knee and let his tears pour into him. "Jiyong... If your out there. Please ... please come out. I miss you." Mino stood for a good moment outside. Till someone placed a blanket over him. As Mino looked up, he saw Ruby beside him. She helps him and began to walk back to the cabin. As Mino warmed himself up. Ruby began to speak to him. "Mino.. I think its time." "Time? For what" "To go back to the city and find Jiyong. We need to go back Seoul and find him. I know he is alive. But something is not right." "What you mean?" "Jiyong wont hide from us if he would've found us. But this time he was shocked that i saw his face. He ran off really quickly. We know that Jiyong wont do that." "Your right. We must find him." "Ya... ok lets leave tonight." Ruby stands and Mino began to walk to his room amd get dressed. As Ruby began to get ready she opened her shoe box. She grabbed all the money in there and put it in a backpack. Mino also grabbed his money and placed it inside her backpack. Then they began to walk towards the train station to Seoul. During the train ride, Mino fell asleep. Ruby stood awake reading the map of Seoul in her phone. She began to write down the places Jiyong goes to when he wants to be alone. Out of nowhere, she heard a huge argument behind her. As she turned around and peeked a little. She saw three men by the other side of the glass doors. They was talking to a guy who works in the train. Ruby began to lool closely to one of the guys. Then she gasped. She noticed that one of those men killed Jiyong, who he also works under Him. She began to wake up Mino. He woke up and began to talk a little bit louder. "Shhhh!" "What's wrong Ruby!" "Shhhhh!!" "What!!" Ruby quickly smashed Mino's head to the table in front of them. She looks behind her and she saw the guys still arguing. Then she quickly began to sign to Mino. "Those three guys behind us... they are the us who hunted us 5 years ago." " Then let me get them" Mino was about to stand but Ruby quickly grabbed him amd pulled him down. "Mino, No! We cant have them see us. We must find Jiyong first. What if ..." " Are you saying that they might have Jiyong into thier hands" "Yes... Those guys work under Him!" Mino looked Ruby and his eyes was furious but he must not do nothing. As Mino looked at the men. One of the men saw him. Mino quickly looked down and he heard the men yelling. As Ruby looked back, she saw one of them punched the worker. Ruby quickly made Mino to go and run. Mino and Ruby began to run to the back of the train. Then one of the guys grabbed Ruby by the hair and one of them approached to Mino. Mino quickly began to fight back. He began to throw his fist to the guys face multiple times but then the other guy jumps in hitting Mino with a bat. The guys began to take turn to hit him. Ruby began to fight the man who was grabbing her hair. As she elbowed him in the stomach and she back headed him. He let her go and then she kicked him in the nuts and brought his face to her knees. As the man fell to the floor unconscious, Ruby quickly began to run towards Mino. Ruby quickly grabbed the guys from the hair and pull him back. Then she dig her nails into the guys eyes. The scream filled through thier ears and room. Then she opened one of the doors and pushed him out. Mino then grabbed the man with the bat by the arm and twist it backwards till the crack filled in. Then Mino grabbed the other arm and cracked it also. Without any resistance, Mino grabbed his neck and twist it around. The body drops to the floor as Mino began to breath heavy. Ruby drags the body and push him out of the train. Mino and Ruby stands and began to walk towards the man who grabbed Ruby by the hair. As Ruby flipped him to see his face, Mino dropped to his knees and his eyes began to get watery. He them approached to the man. Ruby cover her mouth as her eyes popped open. "Jiyong.." They both began to look clueless at Jiyong unconscious on the ground thinking, why is Jiyong is doing working under Him.
What Happened to Jiyong? Who is Him? What will Mino and Ruby discover?





Next Chapter? xD

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