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Hi hi!!! So I have a new view happening here! since a few people were wondering about Kooki I decided to do his view. lol its short but I did kooki and then second half is back to Keri!
Kooki view**** I felt bad that Layla broke up with her boyfriend but I was kind of happy. It gave me a chance. After yoongi and Keri left to go to her house Layla stayed for another half hour before leaving. "I'm going to the gym" I said. "Oh oh can I come with?" Jimin asked wrapping an arm around me. "Sure, see if you can lift more then 10 pounds" I joked. "Oh you" Jimin said as he ruffled my hair and gave me a noogie. I tried pulling away from him laughing at the little banter we started as we headed out the door. We made it to the gym and I went to go lift weights and Jimin went to run on the treadmill. One thing about coming to the gym at night, very few people were here. There was maybe 3 or 4 other people in the gym. I switched with Jimin and ran on the treadmill and he lifted weights. "Kook, you want to do a little dance practice?" Jimin asked approaching me. I slowed down my speed so I could talk  "I can practice when I'm done with this mile" I told him. I was reaching 4 miles and wanted to do that before the next thing. "Okay I can wait" Jimin said as he flopped down on the ground. "Your sweaty" Jimin laughed throwing a towel at me. I took it and whiped the sweat off my face. "Thanks" I said. "Hey what was with Layla earlier?" Jimin asked. "She broke up with her boyfriend" I said. "Really? Oh that explains why she burst into tears. I was going to say who Cry's upon getting a present" Jimin said. "Yea she was emotional" I said. "Then you ran after her to cheer her up with your drawing" Jimin gave me a knowing grin. "Ooo does our maknae like her?" Jimin teased. I looked the opposite direction of him and back again. "No. She's a friend" I protested but Jimin just laughed. "Oh you do!" Jimin argued. "You have a crush on Layla you have a crush on layla" he  teased me as he sang the words. "I do not" I said. Yes I was denying. It's not like Layla would bounce back so fast after the break up. "You can deny it all you want but I know" Jimin grinned. "Tae looks like he likes her too" Jimin added. Yea it definitely seemed that way to me to. I didn't want to fight over a girl with my best friend. "He's cuter then me, he would get the girl" I said "Awe but your cute too" Jimin said standing up. He handed me a water bottle as I started slowing my speed down now that my mile was done. Jimin took that moment and pinched my cheeks. "You little cutie" Jimin teased. I pulled away from him. "Stop it hyung" I whined. "Heh, are you done here?" He asked. "Yes, practice room now?" I asked. "Yea" jimin nodded. The two of us went to the practice room and started working in some of the harder dance moves first then started putting it all together. Jimin focused enough that he wasn't teasing me anymore about liking someone, but it was in the back of my head now and wouldn't leace. I thought about how Layla would look with Tae verses with me. Then her words of what her ex boyfriend said came to mind. He assumed one of us would get with her and she denyed it happening.  So would she even pay attention to me beyond friendship? That questioned plagued me. But if I could overcome that opstical then I would have a chance.
Keri's view*** The next day I woke up curled up in Yoongi's arms, warm and cozy. He gave off so much heat that I had pushed my extra blanket off and wrapped around him. I hummed as I woke up and felt yoongi's fingers making little circles on my arm. It felt nice. "Are you awake?" Yoongi asked "Hmm, yes" I mumbled "Good, I was afraid you were rubbing a place you didn't know about while sleeping" yoongi said.  My eyes opened and I looked at him a little shocked. My hands weren't below the waist, I knew that. "Hmm well I do like your chest" I grinned. "Baby" he said before he kissed me. An hour later I was awake, moving and getting dressed for the day. "What are your plans for the day?" Yoongi asked. "I'm going to meet up with Layla for coffee maybe lunch, then work on editing with Oggi and brainstorming cause I'm stuck on a few things. Tonight I'm meeting with Mel and her mom for wedding stuff" I told him going over my day. "How did you get so busy all of a sudden?" Yoongi questioned.  "I do have people who want to see me" I chuckled. "Miss popular aren't you" he said. "Are you going to be busy tonight?" I asked him. "Yes, I should be practicing. We have a photo shoot coming up and then on air somewhere this week" yoongi answered. "So your going to be busy doing air time this week? Are you doing performances?" I asked. "Probably. I have to double check. Will I see you tonight or no?" He asked. "Hmm if not tonight then tomorrow" I said. "Okay. We should head out then" yoongi said. We were both dressed and ready to head out now. Yoongi went his way and I went to go meet up with Layla. Layla met me at the usual coffee place. I grinned seeing her smiling today and not looking upset or sad. "Keri!" Layla called out waving to me. "Hi Layla! Your here before me" I said coming up to her. She was seated at one of the high top tables. "Yes, your twenty minutes late" layla said. "Oops, sorry running late this morning" I blushed thinking on how yoongi kept me in bed longer then he should have. "Go get your coffee I'll wait" she said. I nodded and headed off to get my coffee. When I got it I headed back to the table and sat down. "How are you doing after last night?" I asked her. She shrugged. "I'm okay. I realize It might have been for the best that we broke up. I don't see Tao as much as I used to and when I do he's not focused but when his friends get in his head he jumps all over me" she said. "Well does he have a time consuming job or something he has on his mind?" I asked. "Yes, which is the hardest." Layla sighed. "But you know what's, its not like what he said to me last night would even be a possibility" she gave a half hearted laugh "I mean honestly the chances of getting with any of those guys is absurd" she said. I tilted my head not understanding why. "Why do you think that?" I asked. "Well it just wouldn't happen" she shook her head. "You don't like any of them? Wouldnt consider liking any of them?" I asked. Layla actually looked away. "No, I kind of already have a crush on one of them" she whispered. My eyes widened and I grinned, clapped my hands together too. "Oh that is so exciting. Yey!" I couldn't help it coming out. "But nothing will come of it" she said right away. "Why? Your pretty. Tae, kooki, hobi and Jimin seem to like you and hang around you " I named off several even as I knew Tae and kooki were closest to her lately. "Well they like me as a friend nothing more" layla said but I shrugged. "Nothing is impossible. Just don't shut the idea down before you get an answer" I told her. "Okay. But I'm not getting my hopes up" she said. "Okay. Now, tell me who you like? I'm dying to know" I said eagerly. "I'm not telling you. Its my secret" layla laughed. I begged for a few more minutes and with no luck I finally stopped and moved on. I talked to her about having to go to the wedding in a month and having to pick out dresses tonight with Mel. Layla was actually happy to talk about something completely unrelated to herself. After coffee we went to lunch and ate sushi.
lol Ooo kooki kooki kooki!!! I loved doing his view and his little scene with Jimin. lol and Keri and Layla just had to talk about her having a crush on one of them. keeping that a secret for now hehehe (it'll be a surprise for me to lol)
Watch Layla fall for one of the ones that wasn't mentioned....Joonie or Jin....lol
@JaxomB I WAS THINKING THAT SAME THING!!!!!! I was thinking hmmmm joonie would be kind of juicy....
It feels like Layla should have her own story lol
lol is it funny that I was thinking of having Layla have her own story, like a spin off from this 😀 hmm idea's
Ahh I want to know who Layla likes, I'm officially now torn on who I ship her with.... Kookie is so freaking cute.
I am torn!! I love Kookie for her, but Tae would be good,for Layla too!! S/N: one of the names that I was considering for my daughter was Layla Darryl. like it was top 3
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I was going to name her after my cousin, but layla is a favorite name of mines.
Yaya chingu I love you for this thanks!!! Although I want to know who she likes
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