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My sister reacts to Bang Yongguk (b.a.p)
ok so since last one did really well i yet again showed my 21 year old sister a kpop idol. this time its bang yonguk
sister: so this is kpop? just hot af dudes dancing around? sign me the fuck up
sister: oh for fucks sake me: yep just hot af dudes dancing around
sister: is it possible for me to marry a voice me: you dont know how much i ask myself that
@jjrockstar thank you for requesting! hopefully i can turn her into a kpoper
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You're welcome! Show her Jackson next lol
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your sister asks valid questions. If she finds out you can marry a voicemarry, can you let me know? kay, thanx! lmao!
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Jackson, yugeom the child; wonho; hansol from TD; wonho jooheon, hell everyone from monstaX; did I mention wonho?? lmaoo
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