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Hello my fellow Royal Family! I wanted to take the time to remind everyone that the deadline for Holiday FanFic Event is in a couple of days, December 21st. You still have time to submit your Boys Republic Holiday One shot FanFic.
The Royal Squad is looking forward to reading your holiday stories.
Also we will like to remind you all about the grand prize.
The grand prize is Boys Republic 3rd EP album plus poster. You also get your story featured on the Community page, a card dedicated to you featuring your Bias. You will have a choice of Your Bias spam, Wallpapers or slideshow video. Also as a bonus you get a planner with your bias name on it. If we get more then one entry, we will be giving bias planners for the second and third places.
I hope these prizes are enough incentives to encourage you all to try your best to enter our Holiday one shot event. Good Luck to those who have entered already.
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can i still submit mines even tho its not a christmas one??
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no unfortunately
I don't know if I'm going to have time to write any this time.....(sigh)
@JaxomB That's ok, maybe next time 😊