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This is something I've found tried and true for me, although sometimes I do have to coax the little buggers out. But here's a DIY I've found that works!
So this recipe is pretty self explanatory, and since I had gelatin on hand, this stuck immediately. Although, my results probably would've been a little different if it was new gelatin. Not sure how old mine is...
so, starting with my very oily face, and the ingredients of milk, a cup and spoon, and gelatin, I began my weird-smelling journey once again.
Before I've even heated it up, the mixture already smells weird. I won't say it smells bad, just weird.
After I heated it up (in 5 second intervals, mixing in between until it had a somewhat liquid textured and seemed evenly dispersed) I went into my bathroom and tested it on my hand before my face. Always use your hand since the skin is more durable to heat, otherwise you could damage your face. Putting it on my nose (and my upper lip.... my mouthpiece in band is so dirty after a week, it keeps recreating my blackheads. If you do this, I highly recommend shaving since it hurts like crazy to peel off hair) I set my timer for 10 minutes and wait. I did have to reheat once or twice to get it working again.
While I wait around, blind since I don't want to put my glasses back on, I debate between being a good noodle and actually trying to work on homework or mark up my music for band. Of course, band won.
The timer goes off (reminding me I set it to a waltz vibrate... #bandthings) and I peel of the mix. It feels like my skin is reborn again, and is awesome. The blackheads didn't show up in the picture, but they were there. I wash my face to take one last stab before I grab my zit popper thingy and get the last ones out. Luckily, they come out almost pain free since I used hot water and the peel.
My face has some redness, from the popper, but I think it worked amazingly! I no longer have the blackheads, and even removed some white ones. So it's a success today!
And I decided to wait a while before I put on my moisturizer, aka it was bedtime, and it felt lovely. Now all I can do is wait and see what the morning will bring for my face.

What do you guys think? Let us know if this is something you'd try!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Nice... And of course band always wins!!