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got7 fanmeets and bts tour
so who's going to both got7s fanmeet and bts wings tour
I know I am but I'm trying to see who else. this is going to be amazing which cities are y'all going to also going to Miami(got7) and Newark(bts)
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BTS in New Jersey as going to Got7 fan meet is impossible for me because the closets one is in Washington DC and it's 8 hrs away I believe. I'm happy that I got to see them in concert thought this year in New York.
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I looked DC is 4hrs away from Pennsylvania
9 months ago
I'm going to Newark and DC
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yay 😁😁
9 months ago
my friend is going to the got7 fanmeet but I can't go because I spent my money for Christmas presents
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Aww maybe you can save and get ticket later
9 months ago
I'm going to Newark Friday
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I'm gonna cry and die. With my friends of course! I hope you guys have lots of fun meeting Got7 and BTS though
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I'm trying to figure that myself right now. 😩 to many things happen in short period of time
9 months ago