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TOP 5 (1) anime and what it has done to and for me as well as how I became Part of this anime!! So this is a start to the amazing idea that our Anime moderator and awesome NAKAMA @AimeBolanos has for top 5 anime. Although I simplified it a lot. I went with my current Love and anime binge/ rebinge/ rebinge 😜😜 meaning I love this anime!! This anime started or as a want for a lengthy anime to keep me going for a while. Many of you may or may not know but i watch a lot of anime!! As in a lot I mean besides work and lifting again, it's anime and buying manga:light novels to read. I watch thousands of anime a year let alone a month sometimes if I'm that free. It has become me. So onto Gintama. I'm a deadbeat, not horribly but I am. I started as vein known very well for who I was and what I did (white yaksha) but I grew older. Life went on and I became literally someone who would do whatever it was (Yorozuya) aka jack of all trades to make $ to get by and well Life. But along the way I met a select few people who made me sacrifice a lot. Whether time, blood, tears, taking a knife or bullet for someone. All in all I became who I always looked at as someone who just lived life to be lazy but always stuck to his Bushido. I have a heart that pumps more than blood, it supports what I was born with past and what I've gained from sharing blood and emotions. I truly put my life on the line for others even if it's something others think is silly or dumb. Why? Because I believe in them and they are my NAKAMA. Why wouldn't I be annoyed having to always bail or help my silly goofy NAKAMA, but they are worth my word. I have Literally had my body move without bowing to save or help my closest NAKAMA. I ended up much worse with my skull fractured but all my soul and heart wanted was to move and protect. That's the Silver Soul. I make so many mistakes, I fail more than people probably know is possible. I've had great offers in life, but when the ones that hit my souls and heart or my NAKAMA way of life come. I'll speak my mind but it's going to be truth and love. How and why. I may be stubborn and actually am. Though I always am there to do what makes humans and living things happy and smile. Laugh and keep loving. If it's is tough and you struggle or want to give up, let me take on some of that burden for you because I care no matter where or who you are. That's why I am here and what I grew to be. Life is a blessing, as much a do sigh or smile or have a bland face, I protect and believe in what is true and free and happy. My body will move on it's own to protect that smile and laughter that you've wanted or missed so much. NAKAMA 4 Ever!! NAKAMA 4 LIFE!! Silver Soul Heart of Gold!! Anime is Life!! It always will be too
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Gintama is truly an all time fav! Awesome choice NakamaπŸ˜„
I've been re binging it and was like I almost forgot to post up fav animes so I made this my first. Can never get tired or have enough!!