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Hello Monbebe,

I got into procrastinate mode right now and decided to test out making this screenshot game. It's very short and I didn't put my 'All In' plus it might look like I was in a 'Rush'. I apologize in advance for that~ Hope you enjoy and leave your results in the comment or post your results in a card if you'd like :)

Who could your Christmas Love possibly be?

Do you and your Monsta X Christmas Love have kids, a dog, or cat that you will be spending Christmas with?

Hmm.. Where did you guys spend Christmas at?

Now, let's see what your Monsta X love got you for Christmas~♡

Sorry once again guys that this is very short and probably not the best. Other than that hope you guys had at least a tad bit of fun with this.

Hope you have a great Holiday!!

Monsta Mod Team:


I'll be posting my results ❤
I got Jooheon, we have 2 boys and 2 girls, we went on vacation for the holidays where he presented me with a big teddy bear. :o
aaah what a happy big family! 😊