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Hello Bebes ♡

Okay so It's been a while, I have just recently come back from my hiatus. I have missed doing these ♡ I want to highlight one of my favorite Sangminnie Bear ships.

¤ All my Cards this week will probs be about the ships ¤

❧ SanSeok ❧

☆ The Stupid Maknae Line ☆ The Acrobatic bunnies

☆ Two Guys that will have you questioning your life choices up until the day you decide to be theirs.

☆ Idiots

☆ Goof Balls ☆ Guys with no diplomacy


Just no words. . . They were being goofs and of course it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That someone being my love bug SangminnieBear. . . Poor guy. . .

❧ Non- Certified Magi - Touch Masseuse Yongseokie

¤ Poor Sangmin looks like his session is turning out to be not as relaxing as others. ¤ Scusi Yongseokie, You know I love you both, but Ima have to ask you to unhand the hubbs there. . .

❧ Yongseokie has no qualms about making fun of Sangmin or LAUGHING IN HIS FACE.

❧ That's okay tho, cause Sangminnie Bear up shows Yongseokie on live tele. . .

❧ Look at this coordination. . .Ability? Stamina?. . . Either way it's pretty cool how Balanced they are, and can be.




٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶~♡

❧ MY LOVE Bugs ♡ I absolutely Adore them ♡

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

☆ CandY Bebes ☆

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I have a feeling that I'll be getting to know more about Cross Gene in the future 😆
Haha well they are worth knowing