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Once you befriend them you'll be instopable
Message to my ecchi fans I haven't forgotten you I'm making a Christmas present for you I've been getting a lot of Christmas ecchi and I'm going to make a super ecchi card with 50+ pics (or when it limits how many I can put) I'll try to post it before Christmas Eve if you have a certain type I might take that into consideration when making it to (By type I mean like neko, Usagi, USA, Yuri. Yaoi, Futa, Furry) and I'll still try to keep it Christmas themedband aproprute for the vingle community's so if you want futa it might be harder (here get it) but I'll try my best
Neko please!!
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No problem
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So many constrictions you got a stand alone site for yourself? O.o X.x O.o X.x
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I love all but yuir
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