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You thought it was over? Pfftt.
The battle thus far-
Let's settle this.
“Who do you love more?” The rougher deep voice echoed loudly throughout the house.
“You have to choose, and now, Sail.” The second voice, smoother and a bit more gentle began to demand.
I looked at the two men in front of me. Both of them, a full head taller than me, forcing me to look up at them both. “I love you both.” The words automatically release my thoughts.
The rough voiced man with pink hair sighed heavily and dropped his head to stare at the ground while the other man, the one who's gaze in itself could make me forget how to breathe like a regular human being- his eyes hardened into black pools of coal.
“Sail. It has to be either or-”
“Why!?” I find myself hissing violently at them, ignoring the betrayal that my eyes had committed by allowing a couple of tears slip through the defensive water line.
“Sail-” his facial expression changing from hard to gentle in a split second, his fingers aching towards me until the man beside him cleared his throat.
“Sailynn.” The rough voice spoke, looking up once again to make clear eye contact with me. “Stop lying to us. We both know the answer is clear here.”
It was true. The answer was crystal clear and yet, my heart did not want to fully accept that truth. Too much time was invested into this man, too many memories were created. I had made myself believe that I would be with him forever. That he would be the only man for me, but it changed. It all changed in a course of a few weeks. I do love him. I don't think I've ever loved anyone so passionately, so purely, but now was the time to let that love go. We would never be, I would only be his little Sail boat to him. He was a full grown man, ready to enter a new chapter in his life, while I- I was still off in my 4D world. I'd be screwing our relationship even more if I continued to deny this any longer.
I blink back the hindering tears and take a deep breath, finally able to find some peace as I conclude this chapter in my life.
“Tabii oppa.” I begin, staring up at him with a small smile blossoming on my lips. “I love you, and I will always continue to love you but it is true. What I feel for you has shifted. Though your throne in my heart is still there, you are no longer my ultimate bias. I thank you for dragging me into your fandom, for making me realize what happiness truly is, for skyrocketing my expectations of a perfect relationship, and continuously making me laugh with your Bingu ways. I hope that one day, you find someone who will love you as much, or even more than I ever did. When that happens, make her your wife and I'll always be there to support you.”
TOP blinked twice at me then turned towards the man beside him, clutching his heart. “Tao, did you feel that? Tell me you also felt my heart breaking right there.”
Tao smiled, “I felt it.”
“Aigoo.” TOP shook his head and began to smile, easing the urge to cry after what I had said. “Okay, I will. But you have to make sure that you don't stop loving me even if I get married.”
“I promise, oppa.”
TOP threw his arm over his face, “Now leave! I want to cry myself better and eat Sail's ice cream in the freezer!”
I smiled as Tao lunged forward to grab my hand and pull me towards him so we could leave.
“Tao.” TOP called out as we were half way towards the door.
“Yes?” Tao answered, squeezing my hand as he pushed me behind him.
“Take care of her okay? Sail and I have history together.” TOP said.
I could see Tao's cheeks lift to form a smile as he answered. “Hyung, you didn't lose your throne to me. I'm not even her ultimate bias, I'm the complete opposite- the wrecker.”
And with that, Tao dipped his head quickly and continued to pull on my hand while we ran out of the house and up the street.
“Yaah!” I cried breathlessly to get him to stop running.
He ignored me.
“YAAHH!!” I cried louder, finally making him stop.
“What?” He said, turning around to look down at me.
“What the hell was that?”
“What? I was telling him the truth wasn't I? I didn't think I could steal a girl away from BigBang's T.O.P.” He chuckled playfully.
My eyebrows furrow by themselves. “Why did you show up to my place like that? Do you not realize what I just did?”
“Break up with BigBang-”
“I did not break up with BigBang!”
Tao smirked then scooped me up into his arms. “It's okay, you'll always have my crown if it makes you feel any better.”
“Are you working with Sam against me?” I ask into his chest.
Tao chuckled. “No, I wouldn't do that. She just called me and told me that there was something urgent happening at your place so I thought something had happened to you and flew in to see if you were okay. Why aren't you answering any of my calls?”
I pull back and look up at him, his eyes now a forbidden hue on the color spectrum, making tighten with butterflies. “I've been busy with getting back at Sam.”
“What did she do?”
“She blames me for B.A.P.”
Tao chuckled. “That's it? I thought she did something like throw another bunny at you.”
I roll my eyes. “She can't. She has her hands full right now but that doesn't mean I'm going to let all this slide by. She blames me then decided to put my panda and a bingu in the same room. That gets you on my murder list.”
He grinned. “You're so cute Sail. Why won't you make me your number one? I promise to sweep you away every weekend and bring you back for work so no one would notice.”
I press my lips into a thin line. “Are you willing to go through HER?”
His face fell. “No. That's a cat that even I fear crossing.”
I pull out my phone and start scanning through the contacts.
“So what are you going to do about Sam?” He asked, smoothing out to top of my hair to plant a small peck.
“Calling in Eonni.”
“Eonni?” He repeats, looking at me with a puzzled expression.
His eyes widen. “Oh damn. You mean serious business if you're going to address her by that.”
“No one touches my panda, especially when you're busy prepping for a comeback.” I growl.
His finger caresses my cheek as I pull up the phone to the opposite side of my face and wait for the phone call to connect through.
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