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Could those two be anymore cute! J-Hope is wrecking it here!
a year ago·Reply
fun fact: Hobi really disliked doing aegyo in the beginning, but changed his attitude for the fans
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You don't have to tell me lol hes already my bias. And yes, tis a twist of fate
a year ago
@Qilin94 Wow! but he seems like a natural at it 😊
a year ago·Reply
One would never expect it. But I feel like most male idols don't enjoy it all that much. The only enjoyment may be in seeing the fans happy. But I'm sure there's plenty who like to do it.
a year ago
My man teaching your man how to be cutesy 😂 Hoseok, the third oldest and a rapper, teaches the adorable maknae how to be cutesy 😂 @SarahNaomiBaker
a year ago·Reply
wahhhh!!!!!!! where is this from? where can I watch the video????
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No problem! ☺
a year ago