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this is definitely me and @cheerfulcallie...lol what better way to spend it than surfing the net... going on facebook, chatting on kakaotalk and browsing and posting on vingle!! hahaha... i remember when we were talking callie... you asked if i won't go to bed yet .. then i answered.. i'm actually on my phone and that i am already in bed chatting with you....lol
That is so me hahahaha
Thats me also...everyday ....especially since Masters Sun has been on the air...maybe I can get a little sleep now. ..but I doubt it...Heirs is starting next week...I think it might be time I see my eye doctor....lol
@nylamrehs @cheerfulcallie hahahaha lol me toooo ^_~
that's alright.... hahahah.... really? the tv's waiting for you to wake up so you could turn it off...hahahahah
yep yep yep, got damn, thats me right there!!!! ill be online with you and then some in bed, hahhahah!!! btw im sorry i fell asleep on you the other day, i mean i was 4am....i woke up to the tv watching me sleep, hahaha!!!!