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Good morning Beautiful people, I created screenshot Games for Cross Gene a long 3-4 quarters ago, and just found it again.

☆ So I will be bringing these, as well as other Screenshot games again ♡

I am absolutely in love with 나하고 놀자 it's not even funny. That is still by far my #1 favorite MV. The boys are wacky, goofy, and just the 6 boys I fell in love with. ♡

☆ In case you're new to them, I'm leaving the Videos Here ♡

¤ Takuya is The Beautiful Creature with the beauty Mark ¤ Shin is Beautiful L From Death Note ¤ Yongseok is Mr. Red Haired Beauty ¤ Sangmin is the Beautiful guy with the catastrophe of hair and newspaper Eyebrows. (I will never tell you I hate the look on him tho, cause I absolutely love it. He's still gorgeous regardless.) ((Ultimate Bias)) ¤ Seyoungiekins IS the beautiful blonde Bombshell. (Ultimate Bias) ¤ Casper is Mr. Muscles

Just Screenshot the Gifs and let me know who you get in the comments or in a card. ♡

➺Roommate ➺Mischievous Partner ➺ One Who Annoys You ➺ One who You Annoy ➺Enemy

➺ One Who Drives You Insane

➺ One You Drove Insane ➺ One Who Thinks You 2 Are Married ➺ One Who You Think You're Married To. ➺ One You End up With.

❧ Just want to point out that I was teased so hard with the UBs only to have Casper come out of left field and Snatch me up by my hair. No complaints from me cause Casper is my love too, but I was deceived by my BooBear Sangminnie and Seyoungiekins.

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

♢ CandY Babies ♢

If you would like to be added to the taglist, please leave a comment below as well ♡

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