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appeared in google, Kpop reports that there is a Korean screenwriter who is currently insisting that the SBS drama is very similar to the plot of a movie she came up with 10 years ago.
The screenwriter, whose name is Park, made this accusation on the official website for The Legend of the Blue Sea. She says that the name of her movie was The Legend of Hae Wol Sea: Pearly Shells and that it includes some of the elements that ended up in the Lee Min Ho/Jun Ji-Hyun drama.
“Not only did it include mermaids, but the situations in the drama and the portrayals are very similar,” she wrote.
Although she’s essentially implying that her original work was plagiarized, Park was hesitant to officially call it that. But that is because she’s afraid of getting sued.
“I want to emphasize once again that I’m not here to say that they have plagiarized my writing. Why? Because I am a poor citizen,” she said.
“If they deny and try to demolish me, I will just go die. This is an analysis of the similar parts, but I’ve never said it was plagiarism. I heard you get sued if you talk big and claim that it’s plagiarized, ” she added.