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Chapter 1 Words: 3836 ReaderxHenry
Missed the Prologue?Click Here Warning: The subject matter of this story can be considered sensitive to some. Please be advised. A/N: Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I won't be posting a chapter for a couple of weeks. I will be going back home to visit family for the holidays. But once I get back I'll be sure to have something posted for you :) Happy holidays everyone!
Before classes started you went to the school with Mari to walk around and get to know the area. As soon as you got the chance you ran away from Mari so you could be on your own. You could hear her calling after you but you also knew she wasn’t very fast so losing her was easy. Your hand slightly in front of you was tracing the texture of the wall as you ran. The sound of your feet hitting the tile rang through the halls, making you smile. You came across a set of stairs and noticed they went up. ‘Mari wouldn’t expect me to go up here,’ you thought as you started to climb them carefully. You stopped to catch your breath while you ran your fingers through your hair then adjusted your glasses. “Where am I,” you asked yourself as you looked around trying to make heads or tails of your surroundings. “Prrrroooobably not the best idea to run from Mari.” You laughed to yourself. Leaning against the wall you took in a large breath, letting it out slowly, and closed your eyes. ‘It feels nice to be free,’ You thought. A light melody seemed to carry through the empty hallway and catch your attention. Your head perked up and you pushed yourself from the wall. Keeping your hand against it you slowly started to walk closer to the melody. The sound was pure and captivating. Even if you wanted to walk away, you wouldn’t have been able to. Each step was slow and quiet because you didn’t want to miss a note as the melody danced through the air. As you walked your eyes closed slowly so you could absorb its beauty. You smiled lightly as you felt your body calm and feel at peace. This melody was one of the most beautiful sounds you had ever heard in your life and you wanted to know who was creating it. When you opened your eyes you started running to the sound. You could tell you had reached the room by how loud the melody was. You moved your hands along the wood grain of the door searching for the handle. Once you found it you turned it slowly listening for the click of the door before opening it. The more you opened the door the louder the melody became. The notes seemed to cry out at you making your breath stop a moment. You looked into the room and saw something you had never seen before. The room was painted with yellows, oranges and blues. It was as if the melody was painting a sunset. The singing of strings filled your ears and only continued to paint the room in beautiful colors. You looked up to see the someone playing the melody surrounded by an even more beautiful mixture of color. You could feel your heart racing as you stared at them. “So amazing,” you said not realizing you said it aloud. The melody suddenly stopped and you heard his voice, “Hello, can I help you?” You gasped and quickly backed out of the doorway and started running down the hall. You tripped over your feet and fell to the tile floor. Running footsteps came after you and you tried to get up before they got there. “Are you okay,” they asked as they approached you, “Here let me help you up.” You listened to the calm and deep voice talking to you as you began to feel nervous. You looked up at them noticing the colors that you saw around them before had changed slightly. They were surrounded by the most beautiful crimson you had ever seen. It was as if this person was a walking masterpiece. You could feel your cheeks grow warm and your heart race for a different reason that you didn’t understand. ‘What, what’s happening,’ you thought as you placed your hand onto your cheek feeling its warmth. The feeling of their soft grip on the skin of your wrist made you inhale a small breath and hold it. They lightly pulled you to your feet and the movement seemed to go so slow. You couldn’t hear anything other than your own heart beating in your ears. Another hand touched your forehead making you flinch and jump back slightly. “What are you doing,” you asked shocked. “I was asking if you were okay but you weren’t responding.” Their voice sounded like its own beautiful melody. “I... I’m fine.” Speaking was much more difficult than normal. You could hear them smiling and it only made your heart beat faster. “That’s good. You didn’t have to run away you know.” You moved your arm slightly still feeling his grip on you and let your eyes fall to the ground. “I’m sorry.” You listened as small laughs filled the hallway. “I would have offered you a seat so you could listen. You seemed to really enjoy the music. It made me happy.” Your breath hitched in your chest followed by fire on your cheeks. “I-I really should be going.” “Okay. If you ever want to listen again just come by practice room 302. Be careful to not fall again.” The feeling of cold air tickled your skin when he released his grip from you and his footsteps started to get further away. Each step he took you watched the hall was painted by his colors and your world seemed to turn a little grey. You pulled your wrist close to your chest and held it where he had. “Um, actually,” you called after him hearing the footsteps stop. “I don’t know where I am and I don’t know how to get out of here,” you shyly called looking down at the floor. “Oh,” he started, “You just need to take a left and go down the stairs then make a right at the mural and you’ll be at the main exit.” “Um… see the problem is.” You felt yourself shaking as you looked up from the floor to him. The beautiful crimson making your cheeks want to be the same color. “I’m blind... so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “O-oh, okay. I’ll take you then.” ‘Oh my god, what am I doing? Never will I ever run from Mari again. She’s going to be so mad! I need to tell her that something is wrong with my heart. It won’t stop racing,’ you thought while you took in a deep breath to try and calm your heart. “Do you mind if I touch your hand,” he asked politely. You nodded unable to speak. ‘Just breathe [Y/N], just breathe.’ You felt your hand grasped by his. Out of habit you brought your other hand to his and started to run your fingers across it. Your heart was racing even faster in your chest and it was distracting. You closed your eyes to help you imagine the image in your head. His hand was thin but strong. You could feel the bones in his hand surrounded by soft skin. His fingers were long and slender and easily wrapped around yours. The tips of his fingers were slightly calloused most likely from playing his instrument. The more you let your hand slide across his you felt it tense up. “What are you doing,” he asked with a laugh. “Oh sorry! It’s habit, I” you started before you felt yourself grow even warmer than you were. “It’s fine,” he shyly laughed again. You nodded and took your other hand back from his and grabbed the hem of your shirt. “Come, I’ll take you to the main entrance,” He said as he tightened his grip. “Mmm,” you sounded as you let him start pulling you behind him. As you walked down the hall you couldn’t tell if it was the sound of your footsteps or the sound of your heartbeat radiating in your ears. It seemed so loud it felt suffocating. “Do you hear that,” You asked hoping this stranger would say something to ease your heart. “No? It’s just us in the hallway. We are approaching the staircase so be careful,” He said as his pace slowed. ‘Great now he probably thinks I’m crazy,’ you thought as you slowly took in a deep breath. The two of you stopped walking and you stood holding onto his hand. “Mmmm, what do you think the best way is to get you down the stairs” He asked as you felt his hand tighten around yours. You flinched slightly and removed your hand from his. “It might be easier if I hold onto the railing and feel for the steps myself,” you said as you wrapped an arm around your body shyly. “Good idea,” he replied, “Let me help you get to the railing.” He lightly grabbed your hand again and lead you to the railing for the stairs. Feeling the cold wooden railing in your hand made you realize how warm his hand felt. Scooting your feet along the floor you felt the edge and stepped down carefully. You heard a snicker behind you making you blush. “Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh. Are you sure you don’t want help down,” he asked through small laughs. “No. It’s fine. I’m not completely helpless,” You huffed in response. “Sorry I didn’t mean to-” “It’s fine. Thank you for bringing me this far but I can get on from here. Once I get to the bottom of the steps, where do I go?” “You take a right at the mural, but will you be able to see it?” “I’m sure I can figure it out. Thank you.” At this point it was getting harder and harder to breathe. With another scoot of your foot forward you went down the next step. You continued this process a couple more times feeling more confident each step. ‘He’s still standing there,’ you thought noticing you hadn’t heard his footsteps leave the area. On the next step you took too big of a step and slipped. Your foot slid off the edge and your supporting leg began to buckle causing you to let out a small yelp. Feeling the sudden touch of strong hands wrap around your ribs made your breath hitch. You were pulled close to him feeling his frame against yours. You did your best to try and ignore the way he felt against you. “Are you okay,” his voice filled with worry. “Y-yes, I’m fine. Now will you please release me,” You answered back knowing your blush could have set a new record for warmest cheeks. He slowly released you while making sure you were stable enough to stand. “Even though you say you’re fine, I don’t feel comfortable leaving you alone. I’m still going to walk you down to the exit,” he answered back. Unable to look up at him, you stared down at the stairs and squeezed the railing in your hand, “Really it’s fine. I’ll be more careful.” His arm wrapped around your shoulders and he pulled you close to him. His body was pressed against yours and you couldn’t help but squeeze your eyes shut. You could feel his chest move as he breathed and his breath brush against your skin as he spoke. “Keep ahold of the railing,” he said as he grasped your free hand, “I’ll make sure you are supported. There are a decent amount of stairs and they do take a right turn.” You had no idea what he just said. The only thing you could focus on was how strong his body felt against yours as he held you close. He started walking you down the steps and your grip on the railing became tighter. Not because you were afraid of falling but because you were so nervous your knees were shaking. “Just a few more steps,” he spoke while he let his hand fall from your shoulder to the middle of your back. You stumbled again and he caught you by wrapping his arms around you again. “Whoa! You okay,” he asked followed by a small laugh, “It’s a good thing I’m here with you!” “Sorry I keep stumbling.” “It’s okay. Though now that I think about it. I don’t know why I didn’t take you to the elevator.” “There was an elevator?” You asked completely shocked. If you had taken the elevator you could have avoided this whole mess. “Yeah. Didn’t you take it to get up to the second floor?” You shook your head no in response. “Then how did you get up there?” “Um... well.” “Well?” “Going up stairs is easier than going down. Before that though I had someone helping me get around but I kinda sorta... ran away.” “Watch your step this is the last stair.” He stepped down before you then helped you to the main floor. “So you had someone who was helping you and then you ran away. Why did you run?” You looked up at him while smiling shyly. “I don’t like having to be helped all the time,” you answered back. “Yet you asked me to help you. And now here we are.” His voice was filled with sass which made you laugh. “Come on, we have just a little bit more to go.” He grabbed your hand again and led you the rest of the way. “Young miss!” Mari called as you listened to her heeled shoes come running to you. “Hey Mari,” you quietly answered back as you took your hand from his. “Where have you been?! I get so tired of chasing you!” “I'm sorry Mari.” “Your father said to listen to me and what do you do the first time we get to your school, you run away! Yes, your father will be hearing about this. This has to stop young miss. And who is this gentleman you bothered because of your childish games?” You kept your head down as you listened to Mari scold you for good reason. Your father had told you to listen to Mari and you did the exact opposite. “Henry. Lau Henry,” you heard suddenly from the man next to you. ‘Henry? That’s an interesting name.’ You could feel yourself mouthing his name as Mari and Henry continued to talk. “Well Mr. Lau I appreciate you bringing our young miss to us and I apologize for any inconvenience she may have caused you.” Mari took a deep bow showing her sincerity. “It was no trouble at all. She insisted on going on her own but I didn't feel comfortable letting her go.” “Well thank you again for your help. Our young miss tends to forget that she has a disability. Now young miss we really must be going. Thank you again Mr. Lau.” Henry gently grasped your hand and slid it into Mari’s grasp. Her hands were always cold and boney. The feeling of disappointment swept over you as you realized you would probably never feel Henry's warm hands again. Mari started to drag you away at a fast pace. The sound of her heeled shoes clacking against the tiled floor hurt your ears. ‘I need to say something. I want to see him again. I can't leave like this,’ your thoughts ran wild along with your heart. “Wait...” you said so quietly no one heard you. “Wait Mari...” She still didn't hear you. You could feel your heart race fast with ever clack of her heels. “Henry!” Your voice echoed through the halls halting any further noise to continue. After a brief few seconds of silence you heard his rubber soled shoes run to you. You watched as his beautiful crimson color painted the hall as its own mural. “Young miss, what is wrong? Why did you suddenly yell,” Mari asked as her boney grip tightened against your hand. Henry must have been further away then you thought because his breath was quick when he stopped near you. “Are you okay? Is something wrong,” Henry asked in a panic. “Did you mean it?” The pause that took place only gave you the feeling Henry and Mari were exchanging looks while you stood there like a child. “Mean what,” he asked confused. “Did you mean it when you said I could listen to you again?” His laughter made you smile as you watched new colors dance around him. Yellows and oranges mixed with the crimson like a watercolor painting. “Yes, I did. If you can get to my practice room you can listen to me anytime.” Your smile felt bright, warm, and unfamiliar. You had never had such feelings dancing inside of you. You noticed the smallest shade of pink show up around where Henry's face would be and you couldn't help but think how well the color suited him. “By the way, I don't think I ever got your name.” “[Y/N].” “I hope to see you again miss [Y/N].” Mari grabbed your hand and pulled you behind her. She continuously lectured you about running off and how to never do it again as she lead you outside and through the school grounds. “Mari,” you said trying to interrupt her lecture but she wasn’t hearing you. “Mari,” you tried again, still nothing. “Mari,” you shouted loudly. “What,” Mari answered back harshly. You took her hand that held your and put it to your chest. “My heart,” you said. “My goodness young miss! Why is your heart racing so much? Are you okay, are you feeling ill,” Mari asked as she took her other hand to feel your forehead for a fever. You shook your head no in response, “It started after I ran into that boy. I don’t know what’s happening.” You could hear Mari let out a sigh of relief followed by small laughter, “Young miss you have nothing to worry about then if that’s the case. Now come, let’s get you home. We need to go over a few things before you start school next week.” You followed behind Mari as she lead you to the car and helped you inside. The drive back to your apartment seemed to be extremely slow. It wasn’t that the car was moving slow but you replayed the moments from earlier over and over in your mind. You placed your hand on your heart and felt it’s racing beats. A smile spread across your face and you leaned your head against the window. “Young miss are you even listening to what I’m saying,” Mari said suddenly. You lifted your head from the window and made a humming noise. “Young miss you really should stop day dreaming,” Mari’s voice was harsh and cold as usual. You hummed again in response. Mari helped you out of the car and into the apartment. “Welcome home miss,” the staff said as you entered your home. You smiled warmly to them as Mari dragged you into the house. She ushered you in the living room and sat you down on the couch. “Wait are you calling father right now,” you asked as you heard the ringing of a phone. “Yes, your father needs to know of your behavior and you are going to tell him,” Mari answered back. “Mari stop. This is insane. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” “Hello,” you listened to your father’s tired voice answer the phone. “Oh sorry daddy I didn’t mean to call you. Please go back to sleep,” you said in response as successfully took the phone from Mari’s hand. “Love you daddy!” You hung up the call and squeezed the phone in your hand. “Mari! How dare you call father in the middle of the night! I understand you are upset with me and I apologize but you should never call father over something so meaningless.” You were frustrated but nearly as much as your words let on. You waited for a response from Mari but the room remained quiet. “I’m sorry Mari, I am and I promise I won’t run away like that again. I realize my mistake and I’m sorry. This isn’t like back home,” you said as you kept your gaze down. “No it isn’t like home. You need to understand that the city is very dangerous. I know we were in your school but it if wasn’t for that young man I’m not sure what would have happened to you.” “I know I’m sorry.” You listened as another worker walked into the room and Mari thank them. “Now, because you are so insistent on being by yourself and becoming independent, while you were running away and acting like a child I worked something out with the school.” Mari handed you what felt like a plastic stick. “What’s this?” “It’s a cane. You will use that as you walk around the school to help you see and know your surroundings while I’m not with you.” “What are you serious? I’ve never had to use one of these before.” “Yes I’m serious. Now the agreement we have with your school is that I will escort you to your classes but you will attend them on your own. We have gotten permission from all of your professors to record your lectures and your tests will be given verbally. Once you decide you know what you are doing well enough I will no longer be taking you to your classes. How does this sound to you?” “It sounds exciting.” You felt nervous but you were smiling widely. “Now you need to behave until that time. If you screw up once I will tell your mother and we both know she will pull you out of this school immediately regardless of what your father says. Now I’m going to prepare an afternoon snack for us. What would you like to do?” “I want to go to my studio please.” Mari helped you up and lead you to your painting studio. She left you alone in the room allowing you to find your way around. After bumping into a few different things you managed to find your apron and put it on after sitting the cane down. With the elastic on your wrist you tied your hair up in a pony tale to help keep it out of the way. “Now’s a good time to try and use the cane we got you,” you heard Mari call from the hallway. Slightly annoyed at the idea you extended the cane and started to use it as you walked around the studio trying to find your supplies. Finding your supplies took a little bit longer than expected but once you gathered them all you stood in front of a blank canvas and tried to imagine what it was you wanted to paint. You squeezed out different colors onto a pallet and started to paint. ‘I want to paint his melody,’ you thought as you dipped your brush in paint. With a deep breath you put your brush to the canvas.
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Ahhhhh!!! So good! I look forward to the next chapter! Have a wonder holiday!
One thing I was confused about. Who was with Henry? You kept saying "They" ....so who else was there?
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You can use they and them as singular pronouns as well. "The person, they did such-and-such." That's why the word "themselves" is proper grammar for a single person. I can understand why it would be confusing, though, it probably won't be a problem with Henry anymore.
please tag me. I don't want to miss out on such a amazing story 💕💕👏👏