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Hello everyone!!

So recently I started a new series which talks about my theories for Kpop MVs. I've only just started working on my theory for EXO's MVs and I've only completed one MV theory as of yet.

So, since this is a new series of course I'm going to have problems with it and want to change how I organize it and such.

It's not like anyone came up to me and told me these theory cards were too long.

No, it wasn't anything like that.

I was just looking over the theory I had done for "What Is Love" and then I was checking out the theory I was working on for the "23 Teasers" and I realized just how long they really were.

I was like, no one is going to read these. These are waaaaaay too long.

So, I decided that I need to change up how I am doing this all. This is my second time changing how this series is going to be like, and I doubt it will be the last.

So instead of stuffing all of my theories for one music video into one card, I am going to split them each into three cards.

First card: Will contain my main theory and brief summaries of the past theories I did and how they connect to the main theory (which will change as I keep working on more theories and more MVs come out), and it will give the main idea behind the MV I am talking about there too.
Second card: Will actually describe in more detail about the MV and why I think this is the theory behind the MV.
Third card: Will talk about how the lyrics of the song in the MV connect to the theory and my reason why. This card will also contain the conclusion behind the MV, which is just going to be me summarizing up everything I told you in all three of the cards. Then after this card I will post the next three cards for the next MV.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep all these cards as short as possible, while still stuffing them full of theories that, hopefully, make sense to you guys.

So far I've been doing a lousy job at getting these cards made, but hopefully next week I'll get really into making them so that I can get moving onto the next group.

Right now I'm only working on the EXO and there's still quite a bit of videos that I need go over, but hopefully I'll be able to get really into doing these and that all three theories for an MV will be released every week.

But.....That probably won't happen because I am very busy as is :l

Well, I hope you guys are excited and looking forward to my theories and like this new format that I've decided on. If you guys have any ideas on how I can improve on these, please let me know!

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I am excited and cannot wait to read these.
Aww that's happy making ^-^