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Dear Park Jin-Young, Hello and yes I am a nerdy Noona. Thank you for existing in this world. You are so precious along with the rest of Got7 but you hold a special place in my heart. You are my bias. Before you though it was Jackson for two straight years and then this past year you pretty much knocked him down and took over my heart. Your smile is one that instantly warms my soul. Your voice raises the goosebumps on my arms and gives me chills. When I listen to your voice it wraps around me and I feel like I am cocooned into another plane. I love how you can be goofy, dorky, and then serious and caring. Some of my favorite pictures that I find of you are of ones of you reading or writing in your journal. I think it is because I too read a lot. I had a chance to say something to you when I was at the Fly Atlanta concert and did the high touch. While I was standing there waiting for my turn I was hoping you be near the end so I could work up my courage to say something to you but instead you where first and all I could do was give a small smile. I had no problem speaking to any of the other members but you render me speechless. If you can not tell from this letter, I tend to be a little verbose and talkative. Though it is only after i get comfortable around people. What I am trying to say you make me uncomfortable in a good way and that is why I am speechless around you. To me, the songs you did work on in your past albums tend to be my favorites and are usually on any of my playlists including ones that aren’t strictly kpop. I find your acting to be good and you surprise me each time on how much you have grown in your skill. Watching your scenes in Legend of the Blue Sea, I was squealing with happiness at first but then shortly later was feeling the emotions you were trying to portray and get across. You are amazing and very talented. I hope you keep growing in each of your skills. Keep dancing, singing, acting, pranking, and caring. Please know you are not alone watching Harry Potter and all eight movies, but still not as good as the book. May the future hold many blessings for you and everyone. Sarranghae from a noona, Veronica
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His acting in Legend of the Blue Sea is really great, I felt so bad for his character.
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Same here, I saw him in both dream High 2 and Dream Knight as well. I think JB is a good actor as well, I wish he would be in more dramas.