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Hello! If you haven't seen my first card, I do write stories. So this is a small introduction about a story that @Bangtanss and I are writing called, "27 Days".
27 Days is all I have before my lungs give out, and my heart stops pumping. Female x Amber story. I started this story on December 4, 2016. ❇❇ This story is also posted on my wattpad account, »» @Bangtanss-
Before I post the first chapter, I would like to thank you all for reading this story.~ This story, as you can tell, is called "27 Days," it is inspired by 'Miracles From Heaven' and by a fellow friend of @Bangtanss. That being said, this story does contain some warnings. It will be a girlxgirl and has mentions of religious beliefs. Please do not hate on this story for that reason. It might/will contain minor trigger warnings that will be posted before the chapter even begins. This story does include the disease, Myeloma. So if you're sensitive to any of these topics, please read (or don't) at your own discretion. The genre itself is: Romance, angst, and miracles. This story contains short chapters, (I usually write long ones, but this is in the category of short story.) Another thing, journal entries that the female writes about will be posted on some of the chapters, and they will be in bold!
Quote of the card: Never to suffer would never to have been blessed. -Edgar Allan Poe
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