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It's the 9th day of Bias-Mas!!!

*~*~*~*~*~Time for a holiday party~*~*~*~*~~

Who would you and your bias invite to your holiday party!?

My answer:

Of course we'd invite the rest of the members of VIXX and let them bring a few friends :)

Leo - Sunggyu
Ken - Jin & Sandeul
Hyuk - Sungjae
Hongbin - Gongchan
Ravi - Kai & Taemin

Who is coming?! Do I get an invite lol ;)

@biancadanica98 Absolutely!
@biancadanica98 Same! Since Jackson us my bias. Plus, Eric Nam and Kevin from U-Kiss!
@LaniRooney That would definitely be a party!
Of course the rest of the GOT7 crew is coming along with Jae-Bum. The BTS members as well since GOT7 is good friends with BTS. @kpopandkimchi you are also invited. Jackson's twin Amber is invited too. So many wild kids, it's gonna be a great party!
Of course we (Seyoung & I) Can't be complete without the remaining Goofball troupe. & Casper's Better half Locking Jack. I'd demand him there rather. Sangmin would invite his M.O.T.F buddies, Jota Changbum, Alex, Eddy. I can already tell my party would be banging. So many goofy people in one room. You and anyone would be invited too