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°Ultimate Boy Group: BTS, BigBang and BToB °Favorite Girl: Hyuna, Sunny (SNSD), CL, and Lisa (Blackpink) °Favorite Boy: Jimin (BTS), Ilhoon (BToB), T.O.P (Bigbang). But also Jackson and Yugyeom (Got7), Jerry (M.Pire), Taehyun (Dickpuncks) and Junhoe (iKon). I love too many.... °Favorite Song: Error by VIXX or Alright by INX °Favorite couple(Ship?): JongTae (Jonghyun and Taemin) °Girl Group I Stan: Blackpink °Boy Group I Stan: Topp Dogg °Favorite Rookies: INX
Hello @ OppaManban! Let just say I love any group (bands) , singers be it boy or girl , who can produces good songs and can dance well. Will that be OK ? As long as they are Kpoppers. Did I pass your friendship test ?
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I love any group as well~ Kpop is my life.
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So ! I am in the taglist huh!
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