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Ok here is my Holiday submission for Cross Gene. Enjoy!
It was a blistering cold day outside in South Korea. A woman was staring out the window watching the edges frost over. Giving a heavy sigh she turned away from the window to look at the disarray her room is in, Clothes were thrown everywhere as if a tornado ran through it. She stood their thinking back the to conversation she just had with her boss.. *Flashback* I was just waking up from a nap when my phone started ringing. Reaching over to the nightstand grasping the phone in my hand. The name displayed was "Boss". I hurried to sit up and answer the phone. "Hello Shinna speaking" I said professionally knowing my boss prefers it that way when he calls. "Shinna I'm sorry to call while you are on your Christmas vacation but we have an emergency." He said. "One of our companies over in Japan are in need of a new program cause apparently some one messed up the current one." I tried to hold back my exasperation. Being the computer geek of the company has its ups and downs. The ups is that no one bothers me but the downside is you are the only one your boss trust to fix any black-eyes that others cause. "When do you want me to fly over their?" I asked. "Immediately. I already arranged your flight and your hotel room and everything is paid for. Even added some money to your bank account for food. It shouldn't take you long to fix it." He said. Stifling a sigh. I really didnt want to spend my Christmas working. "When should i be at the Airport?" I asked. "Ill send a car to pick you up in a hour. Once you land in Japan call me and check in." He said. "Okay Boss. Good Bye." I said. I heard the click and rolled my eyes knowing my boss lacks phone manners. *Present* Shaking my head ridding myself from my thoughts. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and give myself a once over. I wasn't a beauty queen but i wasn't ugly either. My face wasn't memorable. It was an average face with green eyes i got from my american mother and long thick wavy brown hair also from my mother. I was small in height, only topping 5'3. My eye shape i got from my korean father. I was gifted in the chest area but i hated it. I always walked hunched over. My image didn't fit the computer geek mold. I didnt wear glasses i had perfect vision. I was average. Sighing and giving one more quick look. I quickly check the time knowing I have 45 minutes left to pack. I quickly got to work packing my bag. Moving as quickly as possible I finally finished my packing. My phone rings once again. I reach for it and answers it. "Shinna speaking." I said. "I'm Lou your driver I'm just pulling up to your apartment." he said. "I will be right out. Bye." I said hanging up the phone. I grab my coat, gloves, hat and scarf bundling up. Grabbing my suit case I rush outside and deposit my suitcase in the back seat. As i buckle up the driver turns around and hands me an envelope. "This is from the Boss it has your ticket and your hotel." he said. Grabbing the envelope I mumble a thank you. I looked out the window to avoid any conversation. I wasn't a talkative person. I was down right shy. I got lost in thought thinking of what kind of a mess the computers were in. Finally we reached the airport as i quickly grabbed my bag as Lou opened the door for me. "Thank you Lou." I said. "Merry Christmas Shinna." he said. I nod in acknowledgment. I rushed into the airport noticing a larger crowd then usual. I just shrugged my shoulders and rushed to my terminal. Handing the ticket to the stewardess I walked to the plane and searched for my seat. Once i found it i took my seat. As the plane was coasting through the sky the captain came over the loud speaker. "Passengers we will make and unscheduled stop due to the sudden winter storm. Please remain seated and buckle up." He said. Following his instructions we waited to land. Once we landed we all filed out of the airplane and into the waiting rooms. I moved over to an empty area and sat down. Pulling my phone out I called my Boss. "Shinna have you made it to Japan?" He asked "No sir. Unfortunately we had to make a sudden landing due to a storm." I said. "How long you staying their?" He asked. "It seems like we are stuck here tomorrow." I said sighing. "I will call the Japan branch and tell them to do what they can til you get their." He said "Alright boss." I said as he hangs up. I look around the airport and notice how empty it was. "I guess people hurried up to get a hotel room." I mumble to myself. Picking up my phone i call around trying to find a vacancy but their seems to be none. Groaning in frustration i didnt noticed the presence next to me untill he spoke. "Can't find a room either?" a deep voice asked. Looking up quickly in surprise i notice a handsome man sitting next to me. He smiled at me and my flared up with color at that beautiful smile. "Uh..No unfortnately." I replied. "Me either." he said. He offers me his hand. "I'm Zhong Ze Xiang but my friends call me Casper." I shake his hand. "I'm Lee Shin Na." "Nice to meet you Shinna" Casper said. I study his face for a second. "You look so familar." I said as i racked my brain on where i seen him before. Finally it hit me who he was and my eyes widen. He gives a chuckle. "I see you reconize me." he said smiling. "You are Casper from Cross Gene!" i said excitedly. He laughs at my reaction and smiles over at me. "You look cute with your face flushed with excitement." he said smiling. My face heats up as i blush. "So um where are the rest of your members?" I asked. "Over their." he points to a group of men resting in chairs. I look where he points and i see them. Looking back over at him. "Is it ok for them to rest their. Wont there be fans trying to get to them?" I asked concerned about them knowing how crazy fans can be. "No. As you can see its only us here in the airport." he said. Sure enough as i look around i only saw us and a few couples. "I guess you are right." i said smiling. We lapse into silence lost in out own thoughts. Finally what seems like forever he breaks the silence. "So what brings you out on this holiday season?" Casper asked. "Business. I was on my way to Japan to fix our companies computers their. What about you guys.?" I asked "We were on our way to Japan for a christmas concert." He said. "Your fans must me sad that they wont be able to see you." I said "Our fans understand plus we promise them a extra show for missing the christmas concert." he smiles. "They will love that." i said. As the evening progressed we talked about anything and everything. Even told stories about friends of ours. We laughed together. I noticed he was getting sleepy. "Casper why dont you rest. I will wake you up when the planes are ready to leave again." I said smiling. "What about you? Aren't you tired?" he said his voice low. "No I'm fine i slept a lot. Plus I'm use to all nighters." I said. He open his mouth to protest but i stopped him with a smile. "I promise I'm fine. I will keep watch on you and your friends." I said. He smiled sleepily and laid his head on my shoulder and falls asleep. I studied his face as he rest a gentle smile on my face. My hand reaches over and gently caress his hair. Just as soft as it looked. Removing my hand I scanned the airport keeping an eye on his friends. Before long I saw the first rays of sunlight as it filter in through the airport. I watched as the other members of Cross Gene stir as they start waking. They scanned the airport before landing on Casper and I. They walked over to me. "He still resting. He was up late watching you guys but i made him rest and i kept watch." I said "Thank you..Miss.." the one i know as Sangmin said, "Shinna." I smile. He smiles back. " Thank you for keeping him company." he said "No problem. I enjoyed his company." I said. My phone dings with a text message. Looking at it. Boss- I arranged my private jet to take you the rest of the way cause they messed up the computers more. Me- Ok boss. Putting my phone away, I ease Casper off my shoulder, "I have to go gentleman. It was nice meeting you all." I said. I stand up grabbing my luggage. I bow as i start leaving but then i stop. Grabbing my leather bracelet off my wrist with my initials. Handing it to Sangmin. "Can you give this to Casper? Token of our friendship." I asked. "Of course." He takes the bracelet. "Merry Christmas." I said. They all chorus Merry Christmas back. Reaching the terminal i give one more look at Casper smiling and hope that one day we will meet again. This was a wonderful Christmas. Ok im done and sorry if it sucks but i tried. *Moderators Tag List* @Bangtanss @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @MattK95 @BBxGD @MelissaGarza @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @BrennaTran @Helixx @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @Qilin94 @Storiamom426 @KaiLuhan4ever @JordanShuler @ChaErica @StefaniTre
I liked it!! It was so cute! 😄