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Hey you guys, it Jenny! So here is my oneshot for the Holiday Fanfic Event.
Boy Republic X Reader It was a lazy Friday morning. The boys and I are trying to find something fun to do since they have to do a Christmas special tomorrow “What are we going to do?” Suwoong asks. “I don't know.” I tell him. I look out the window. This is the last I see them before they leave. “We could watch movies?” Onejunn suggested. “But we did that yesterday.” Sunwoo says I keep looking out the window, thinking. Then I see little white flakes falling down. “Huh?” I squint to see what it was. “Is that snow?” The boys come to the window and see what I am seeing. “It is really snow!” Minsu exclaims. “Lets go play in the snow!” Sungjun says. We all put on our shoes, jackets, hats, and gloves and head outside to the local park. “Wow! It's so pretty!” Minsu says I make a snowball and throw it at him. It hits his face. “Ya! That's cold!” He says. “SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Onejunn shouts and he picks up a snowball and his Sunwoo. We all start to make snowball's and hit each other. We are all laughing and playing around in the snow. “Let's make snow angels!” Sungjun exclaims. We all plop into the snow and make snow angels. Once we are done we get up to see the snow angels. “Ya! How did that one!” Onejunn points to a circle in the snow. We all start to laugh. “We are suppose to make snow angels, not circles.” He says. “It was Sungjun!” Minsu says “Ya! Why are you telling everyone!” he throws snow at Minsu. “Ya!” Minsu throws snow back at Sungjun but Sungjun ducks and the snow hits Onejunn in the face. “Ok you guys. Calm down. Let's build a snowman.” I tell them “Do you wanna build a snowman?” Suwoong starts singing. “Come on, let's go and play.” Sunwoo sings. The rest start to singing along as well. “Do you want to build a snowman or no?” I ask them. “Yea, lets build one.” Minsu says. Onejunn and Sunwoo start to roll the bottom of the snowman. Minsu and Sunwoo start to make the middle and Suwoong and I start to make the head. Once we were done with each part, we put the snowman together. “Hmmm. Its missing something.” Sunwoo says. “Oh. I know.” Minsu runs back to the dorms and comes back out with a carrot, scarf, and a hat. He puts them on the snowman. Sunwoo puts little pebbles and forms a smile and eyes on the snowman. Onejunn finds some branches and makes them into arms. “Now it looks perfect.” Onejunn says. “Quick let's take a picture before it melts!” Suwoong says. We gather around our little snowman friend and take a picture with it. We walk around the park and see people ice skating on the frozen pond the park had. “Wow. I want to ice skate.” I tell them. “Do you have ice skates?” Sunwoo asks. “No. But if you guys have ice skates you should go and get them and ice skate. I'll be here.” I tell them “Are you sure?” Suwoong says “Yea.” i tell them. They all run back to their dorms and come back with their ice skates. “Are you sure you don't want to borrow some ice skates.?” Onejunn asks “It's fine. Go have fun.” They all go and ice skate. I take out my phone and start recording them. They are so funny. Sungjun falls twice, Suwoong hangs on to Sungjun, trying not to fall and Sunwoo was going to fast and fell into the snow to break his landing. Only Onejunn was the one who was great at ice skating. They all leave the pond and walk towards me. “Did you have fun?” I say, trying to hold my laugh in. “No.” Suwoong says. “I did.” Onejunn says “Now I am really cold.” Suwoong says “Let's make hot chocolate.” I tell them. We all run back to the building and I start to make hot chocolate. We all get blankets and sit on the couch, with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands. “Lets watch a movie.” Sungjun finds a movie for all of us to watch. Even if it is the last day I see them, I am glad I had fun with them, on this snow day.
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loved it!!
Loved this! I wish I could have snow days like that 😄😭😂😂💖