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Who: Reader x Lee Seonghwa What: Start off with 100% all ground smutt, grilled to perfection place it on a smutt bun, with smut cheese, Smut lettuce and Smut pickles and just a little bit of Smutstard. And you've got yourself one beautiful Smut burger Story: N/a
Seonghwa stirred from his sleep as soon as he heard the first ring of the bell. He only moved slightly so you jingled it again. You crawled under the blankets passing his legs and ignoring his boxers. You kissed his stomach just slightly below his belly button and you heard him take in a deep breath. You pulled the hem of his boxers down just a little more for you to kiss below his belly button. He shifted more when your tongue licked across the area. He moaned as you kissed the spot and you suddenly heard him say, "Shit." His hand came down the covers but he didn't throw them off. His hand found your hair as you kept kissing that area, you could feel him getting hard and you smiled. He moaned again and started to sit up but your lips followed his body. He must've woken up completely at that point and the next thing you knew he was throwing the covers off of him to see what the hell was making him so hard. He threw the blanket off the bed and you looked up at him smiling big and innocently. "Y/n?" He said groggy. "Meow." You said cutely. You crawled up his body slowly, making eye contact but keeping your cutie smile. Once you got up to his face you softly pecked his lips. Then you licked his bottom lip. Your eyes kept coming back to his. He smiled watching your pretty eyes. He hadn't noticed it yet though. His hand came to your cheek and you leaned into it giving a cute purr. "My little kitten disturbed my sleep." He said. You nodded and brought your lips to his neck and kissed by his Adams apple. You heard him take in a sharp breath and his hand came to your chest and ran down your body. He missed it again but your slow movements kept it silent. "Mr. Gray." You cooed. "Oh baby I love it when you call me that." he said. "I want you to play with me." You said sweetly. "Play with you?" You moved back and tapped the bell around your neck so it would make noise. He finally noticed it and his eyes lit up when he saw it. You'd even fixed your hair like little kitten ears. The more he paid attention the more he noticed. He called you his kitten all the time, his favorite little pet. Back when you two were dating in secret he'd say he was going to feed his kitten which was really code for he was gonna give it to you good that night. Everyone else was just surprised he had a cat, which wasn't an entire lie at the time he had a cat you called ho ho; Seonghwa had named him Trix though you weren't sure why. Seeing you looking like a kitty in the face wasn't enough though. He looked down and you took a stance like you were an actual kitten sitting. He could now see the skin tight black body suit you were wearing complete with a lazy little cat tail. "Shit." He breathed taking in the sight. You giggled and shook your body so that the bell would ring. You wrapped your arms around his neck again and kissed him softly. "Would you prefer to hear Mr.Gray or Master this morning?" You said. He looked at you, his pupils blown. He bit his lip at your cute playful tone. "Master for today." He answered and licked his lips. "Yes Master." You smiled. You hopped off the bed and he watched you walk over to the side dresser. "They toy box too?" He said even more turned on. You nodded. On top of the dresser was your toy box, no explanation needed there. Whenever you wanted to spicy things up you went to the toy box to make things fun. You brought out wristbands with bells attached to them. You placed them on your wrist and then pulled out ones for your ankles. You pulled out a timer and twisted it to the number thirty. You tipped toed slowly and lightly back over to the bed and climbed back over him. His eyes watched every movement you made. You leaned back over him and kissed him. You showed him the number and said, "Play with me however you like for thirty minutes but we can't have sex until the timer goes off. Deal?" You said. "Alright and what are the bells for kitten?" He said running his hand softly up and down your arm. "Just for fun. Kittens need their bells." You teased. "Mmmm so I can make my little kitten purr for me?" He said. He wrapped his arm around your body, not quickly but his strength kept you close as switched from bottom to top and laid you down. "I'll purr as much as you want Master." You said. "I like the sound of that." He said. His finger flicked the bell on your neck, making you smile. He kissed your neck and ran his hand down your body. He ran his fingers up your body again tickling you and you laughed moving the bells. "Aw my little kitten is ticklish." "Yes Master." You giggled. "Sit up Y/n." He sad. He moved and you sat up on your knees. "Now lay down on your stomach." He said. You put effort into making the way you crawled to the side and slowly sank down with your arms leading your body as sexy as possible. He placed his hands on your shoulders massaged them for you. "I want to hear my kitten purr, make those bells jingle." "Yes Masterrrr." You said already using your magic tongue to purr. You were honestly expressing how good it felt to have him massage little knots out of your shoulders. His lips came to the nape of your neck pushing all your hair to one side. Your arms moved and the bells jingled. You made cute little noises expressing your happiness at his gentle hands. He may have had the commands but he was still sweet to you. His hands grabbed your straps and pulled them down just to reveal the top of your back. He kissed your shoulders from one side to the other. "Do you like your Master's lips?" He said. "Yes Master." You said stretching your arms in front of you. He moved the body suit down more. His hands were tucked inside it and riding down your body so softly, revealing every inch of skin on you. Your naked breast pressed against the bed, your nipples perky and ready to be kissed. Seonghwa's lips followed down your spine, ghosting down the line till he got to your lower back just before your butt. He lightly tapped it but didn't attempt to father disrobe you. "I like your little tail it's cute." He said. "I got it just for you Seonghwa." You smiled while turning on your back. He grinned at the flash of your hands above your head, the sound of the bells ringing as you moved and your naked breast staring him in the face. He dropped his head down and licked up your body to between your breast before he said, "Seonghwa? What happened to Master, Kitten?" "Mianhae Master." You said looking cutely guilty. His hand came under your chin and tickled you as if he were a kitty. You made a purring sound as you threw your head back and raised your upper half up off the bed. Seonghwa's other hand came to your breast capturing it in one scoop. He teased it and little by little he let the flesh leave his hands until his finger came to your nipple and he pinched it hard. You yanked your hands down to your face to cover the loud moan you were letting out, the bells jingle as you did. "Let me hear your bells Kitten." He said. You nodded and let your feet lift from the bed and you kicked them in the air rhythmically to make the bells jingle. He laughed at you. You shook your hands the same way. As you did he climbed completely over you. One leg on each side of you and he began to play with your breast. When you faltered, he said, "Keep going kitten." You kept your hands moving so the bells would ring but as Seonghwa moved down it made it difficult for you to move your legs. Once he was between your legs he pulled your body suit off completely. He parted your legs wide and lifted one onto his shoulder. "Kitten how long has it been?" He asked. You looked at the timer and said, "Only ten minutes Master." He nodded and looked down at your folds, "What a beautiful little kitty we have here, smaller than you." He smiled up at you. "Master Seonghwa." You blushed. "Don't worry I'll be gentle. You said no sex until the timer goes off right? I can still make you cum with my tongue my little pet." He said. His hand began to pet your womanhood softly, his fingers passing your clit and making your eyes roll back. You let a small moan escape your lips while his hand continued its petting. He dipped his head down and licked up the side of your leg slowly. You moaned jerking your hands so that the bells rang. He licked over your folds slower and again the bells rang this time in tune with your legs moving. He slowly licked your clit and you started to release little whines as your back came off the bed. Your hands came down to his head and he looked up at you to say, "Oh does my little kitten want more?" You nodded, noticing your breathing change. He licked your clit with a teasing tongue going up and down at the same pace as how he licked you. You squirmed under him, making an odd arrangement with your bells. "Purr for me kitten." He said between licks. "Masterrrrr." You said purring at the end. He stood up straight, his finger on your clit then to his mouth and back on your clit. He placed his hand on the back of your neck and kissed you deeply, his tongue moving around your mouth, swirling your taste in his mouth. He came down to lick up your folds again and you whined at the pace. Your free leg raised up the more he licked you. Your foot made it too the bed to help support your hips thrusting up so that he'd kiss you more. His tongue continued its slow work, making your hands move around and the bells ring. "This is the best way to make music. Maybe I should take you into the studio with me." He said looking up at you. You were panting too much to respond. He reached up to trace your lips with his finger tips before he pushed his fingers into your mouth. "Come on Kitten make them nice and wet." He said. You hummed on his lips, his words reaching your core and stirring you even more. How long before he was inside you? You wanted him now but you had started the game as his little present and it seemed like he enjoyed seeing you as a playful kitten. Honestly you kind of liked the bell around your neck, wrists and ankles. He seemed to like being in command. Seonghwa could be strict in bed when he wanted too but he was always so gentle to you and so sweet that he couldn't be an aggressive dominant. He probably asked for Master instead of Mr.Gray just for the change of pace but you also knew exactly what those words did to him and if he was going to survive thirty minutes of play time he couldn't hear your playfully childish voice calling him that. You had more of an ability to switch up than he did, from sexy to cute but you were sure he liked this cute side the most. You were shorter than him, younger than him and you had a big bright smile, when you were sexy for too long he almost felt off balance. He brought his fingers out of your mouth and you took in air through your mouth. He pushed in his middle finger slowly teasing you even more. He kissed your clit allowing his tongue to take over. You could hear how he sucked on you then pulled away, his finger moving at a slow pace making you pulse around him. "Master." You moaned. "Would like some more?" He said. Your finger had hooked into your mouth and you nodded. "Use your voice Kitten." He said. "Yes Master- I want more." "Manners Y/n." He said. There was that strict part, if you didn't behave he got more strict. He'd make you say thank you, he'd make you stay in one position until you behaved, he'd ask you something and if you didn't answer right he'd tease you and that was torture in itself. Seonghwa could hold out for a while as long as you didn't call him Mr.Gray. "Master give me more, please." You whined. "How much time is left?" He asked "Seven minutes Master." you said looking at the timer. He smiled, "Seven minutes to make you cum. I can do that." He said. He came over you for a second to kiss you, his lips covered yours so softly. He kissed you so sweetly and lightly it only made you want more but the desire to go harder and faster wasn't there. Seonghwa's tenderness was what made you fall in love with him because he wasn't just about fucking, he was about making love and every bit of you fell deeper in love with him with each kiss he gave you. He came away from your lips making you whine in disappointment. Soon he gave you something to moan about. Two fingers met your core moving much faster than he had before. His fingers curled up as he licked your clit quickly. Your hands came down to his head moaning his title. Your legs lifted you off the bed as he built closer to your orgasm. The jingling of bells filling in where your voice broke off. He moved faster and harder; the way your legs shook had the bells on your ankles ringing like crazy. You moved your hand up to your hair running it through your head trying to collect some sanity. "Master!" You moaned loudly. "Mmmmmm." "Master let me cum please." You moaned looking down at him. His dark eyes flashed up towards you and so much lust was in them you felt yourself coming soon. You cried feeling yourself cum around his fingers at the same time the timer had gone off. Your body jerked even though he continued to suck on your clit and you continued your screams of pleasure. His fingers still moved inside you. He pulled his fingers out after your body's spasms calmed down and he licked his fingers clean. He pushed the timer off the bed and lifted you with his other hand. He set pillows up behind your head and then he stacked two and placed them under your butt. He slowly moved his hand over your soft skin, right up your legs, right past your stomach. They stopped at your breast to play with your nipples. His thumbs rolled over the perky nubs. He leaned over you to kiss the sides of your breast. He placed kiss after kiss on your body, his boxers were still on but they were not disguising his hard on for you. He came to your neck and licked areas he knew made you weak. His slow hand kept roaming your arms and legs making every part of you tingle and your heart rate pick up again. He sucked parts of your skin making little marks and then kissing them. Then finally, he came to your lips. He touched them gently with his lips then pulled away, he kept dipping his head down to get your lips then coming back up to change the angle. Your hands moved up his arms wanting him to kiss you the right way. Your hands went to his shoulders and clasped together behind his neck. "I want you inside me Master. Please touch me." You said. "My sweet little kitten." he smiled. He came down and kissed your lips how you wanted him to, the bells making a sound as he did. Once again his kiss was soft, the type of kiss worth dying for. He made it deeper but no faster. Your fingers ran through his hair and just from that kiss your body began to respond again, wanting to build to a second release. He moved from your lips to get off the bed and remove his boxers once he had he came back between your legs and wrapped your legs around his waist, the bells making a jingle as he did. "Keep your arms around me. We're gonna make some music kitten." You nodded, "Yes Master." He pushed inside you slowly making you arch, your head and shoulders pushed into the pillows he'd set you on. He'd gotten a nice angle the way he set you up and it felt so good once he started moving faster, he went so deep. The bell on your neck started ringing more, the bells on your ankles and wrists were jingling in rhythm too. He kissed just below your ear, "Y/n." He whispered your name. You moaned a high pitch at the sound of his voice and his hot breath against your ear. You tightened around him, your arms brought him closer to your body. He kissed below your ear again, your body molded together making music with the bells and your moans. His hips continued their slow pacing making sure to build up your next orgasm really slow. His lips covered yours in a deep kiss and the morning sun had finally made it into a position where it was shining in both your faces. He broke the kiss to touch your cheek, his thumb running across it while moving hair away. He looked into your eyes, your pupils probably too tiny to see because of the sun shinning in them. His weren't that dark or at least one half wasn't because of the sun. His face looked so beautiful illuminated like that. It took your breath away. "Kiss me please." You said softly. "Yes kitten." He said even softer before granting your wish. His thrust never stopped but only slowed and his lips came over yours again feeling so smooth and light. Your heart swelled at the feeling of such a sweet kiss, his tongue over yours not asking for dominance but you surrendered to it anyway. You loved how his hand came and lifted your head into him so the kiss became deeper. He pulled away from the kiss again making you whine and his hand slid down the side of your body. His finger came to your clit again and once he touched you, you moaned and tightened around him again. "Shit." He breathed. He made circles on your clit driving you crazy along with his slow thrusts that were now becoming stronger but no faster. You squeezed your eyes shut and threw your head back into the pillows. He took your bottom lip between your teeth and moved higher up over you. "You're so beautiful kitten." He said. "Thank you master." You squealed at the rising orgasm coming much closer now. "Look at me." he commanded very needy. You opened your eyes to see him again, his eyes irresistible. He pulled one of your hands away from his neck and led your hand to your clit. He made you make circles and as you did he started moving faster sparking a surprised moan from your lips. You gripped onto his shoulder and looked him in the eyes again; he was watching you right back. The eye contact was even more intense and you were going crazy. "Oh my God Seong--hwa I can't." You said. The bells jingled more the faster he moved. His face contorted at the sheer pleasure of your bodies grinding against each other. Your finger moved faster taking you higher into your closing orgasm. "Seonghwa!" You screamed. Your orgasm came like an explosion. You squeezed him, your entire body pulled him to you and you held onto him tighter. Your body spasmed against him and he kept thrusting up into you. "Fuck kitten." He said in your ear. He kissed you and you felt him spill inside you the moment he did. He stopped the kiss and you caught your breath for the moment. "Best Christmas morning ever." He breathed. "I would say so." you said still catching breaths. You giggled. He smiled and kissed you, "I love you Y/n." "Meow." You said cutely. He laughed. "What does that mean?" He said. "I love you too, in kitty talk." You laughed childishly. He came down on your lips and kissed you softly again...
Smutstard tho?! Craig, you something else!
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