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Que tal peeps!

This card will be really quick since I should be in bed! Anyhow, if you are looking for great affordable skincare and makeup products look into elf products. People stop sleeping on elf. I discovered them like way back as a freshman in college. I brought a lip gloss and eyeshadow that I feel in love with back then. These products can be found in Walmart, Target, and I find them in my local grocery stores too. They have a website as well. Website

Great Review

I have all these products low key lol!


I have their brushes and most of their skincare products. The website is above people. I highly recommend this company. I will say prices will vary. Where I used to live many of the products were a little cheaper than on the website. Plus they always have random deals too!

Ride Or Die Peeps

Wet and Wild brushes too 😱 they are amazingly fluffy and good for only .99 where I live. But Elf is SUPER cheap compared to most brands of makeup.
yep ive seen those too
I love this make up product. I get some every Christmas. πŸ˜†