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Mino grabbed Jiyong and put him on his back. Ruby grabbed someone who works there and paid extra money to have a private room. As they moved into a private room, Mino placed Jiyong on the seat. "Ruby, What's going on?" "I dont know. But he dont look the same. Its like he was beaten multiple times. Look at his hands. Mino, what happened to him?" "I cant believe this. Jiyong looks so different. He looks skinnier too." Then Jiyong began to wake up. Mino and Ruby stands in front of him. Jiyong looks at them with a puzzle face. "Jiyong.." "Jiyong? Sorry but im not Jiyong." "What you mean? Your Jiyong. Your my brother." "No im not. I dont even have a brother. I only had a sister." "Sister?" "Yes. So your mistaken here kid" Mino sits in front of him. Jiyong holds his head. "Why are you after us?" "Its cuz of her" Jiyong points at Ruby. Ruby looks at Mino. "Mino, he works for Him!" "What is the mute saying?" "You dont understand her? Your was the one who taught her and me how to sign. Jiyong.." Jiyong quickly slammed his hand on the table which made Mino and Ruby jump. "I already told you kid, I aint Jiyong. Shit you dont understand that!" Mino scratches his head with full frustration. "Why her? Who your working under?" "I cant say nothing less or more. All i was given was orders to take her to Him" Ruby began to hit Mino as a signal that she knows what Jiyong is talking about. Mino turns to Ruby. "Mino, Him wanted me as a pet. I dont know whats my connection with Him. But the times i was stuck with him. He had me treated like a princess but he tends to do things to me. But also, Him has a way of brainwashing his men." Mino looks at Jiyong as he read what Ruby said. Mino closes his eyes and he put his head down. "Jiyong what happened to you" "I told you im not.. " "YES YOU ARE. YOUR FUCKING JIYONG AND YOUR MY DAMN BROTHER!" Mino quickly slapped Jiyong across the face as he yelled out. Jiyong quickly stand and punched Mino. Then the boys began to fistfight. Ruby began to break up the boys. Then Jiyong quickly pushed Ruby and began to throw punches at Mino's face over and over again. Then Mino stood unconscious. Jiyong then grabs Ruby and left the on the next train stop.
"Move it!!" Jiyong pulls Ruby's arm. Ruby began to fight him off, but Jiyong was too strong. Jiyong was the one who showed her how to fight. Then Jiyong slapped her. Ruby fell to the floor and then he lifts her up and take her. Jiyong arrived to a bus station. Paid for tickets to Seoul. As he waits he began to text Him. >I have Ruby, sir. >Good Job boy. Now bring her in ASAP >Yes sir. On my way. Jiyong puts his phone away. As he waits for the bus which will be in an hour, Ruby began to wake up. "Dont you dare start a scene, or else i will have to kill you here." Ruby sit up straight and she began to rub her face. She hisses when she felt the burning. "Why does Him wants you so much? He made over 50 men look for you." Ruby looks at him. "Oh ya.. your a fucking mute." Ruby rolls her eyes on him. Then she looks at the bathroom. Then she pointed at it. "You need to use the bathroom?" Ruby nodded. "To bad. Hold it." Ruby began to whine a little and beg Jiyong for her to use the bathroom. Then Jiyong gave up. "Fine. But im going inside with you." Jiying and Ruby went inside the family restroom and he let her do her business. As Ruby finish in the bathroom. She began to feel sick. She was scared to go back to Him. The person who will brake her again. "You alright in there?" Ruby flushes the toilet and she fix herself as she opened the door. She saw Jiyong. She eyes began to get watery. Jiyong was her a man who she can look up to, but now she feels hopeless. She quickly falls to the ground and began to cry. "What are you doing? Why your crying" Ruby looks at him and she puts her hands together crying. "Girl, your making me feel some type of way which im not supposed to. I cant do nothing." Jiyong picks up Ruby and he grabs a paper towel for Ruby to wipe her tears. Ruby grabs her phone and she began to type. Jiyong quickly grabbed it. "No.. you aint calling no one." Ruby began to nod no and signal him to look at the phone. As Jiyong looks at the phone he saw it wasnt a phone. It's a writting pad for mutes. Then he gives it back to her. Ruby grabs it and began to type. She gives it to Jiyong. [Please dont take me to Him. He aint the person who will adore me or wants me cuz he feels like he needs to protect me. Im his toy. His only thing which he desires to control more. He is controlling you also. You are Jiyong. He brainwashed you like he does to rest.] "I told you Im not Jiyong. He found me in the hospital" [Right you have a bullet wound on your back and your right side ribs] Jiyong looks at Ruby with his eyes open. "How do you know that?" [You was shot by his men. His men was coming after me. But you and your brother Mino took me out of danger. We knon eachother since we was children] "But he said i only had a sister who died." [ How is he calling you] "He calls me....wait... he dont call me by any name. He just calls me his XX" [Your name is Jiyong. Your brother is Mino. You dont have any sisters. Its only you and your twin brother. Him is using you Jiyong. Please remember] Jiyong looks at her serious. But he doesmt seem to remember her at all. Then he realized something. "I remember the hospital I was." [Jiyong. Let me help you. Let me do this. Lets go to the hospital] "I cant. I need to take you to Him" [Jiyong if i can prove you that your name is Jiyong. Promise to let me get to you and not take me to Him.] Jiyong rubs his head and then he sighs. "Fine. But hope your prayers works." Jiyong grabs Ruby and then they saw thier bus outside. They run to the bus and they left to Seoul.
They arrived to the hospital. As they enter Jiyong began to remember his surroundings of the hospital. As they went to the 5th floor, Ruby saw him nervous. Jiyongs looks at her and she just smiles at him, but Jiyong just gives her a dirty look. Once they arrived to the 5th floor, they went to reception. "Hi, um I was here five years ago and i would like to talk to the doctor who treated me" "Sure. What's your name, sir?" " Umm... you see .. I dont remember. But I do remember the doctors name" "Ok. Please write down his name here." Jiyong grabs the pen and began to write the name down. "Please sit down over there as I contact Dr. Park." Jiyong and Ruby bows as they went to sit down. As they waited for a while, the Dr began to walk towards then. "Hello My name is Dr. Park. Please lets go to my office" They both follow the doctor to his office. Then he sat down in front of them. He began to look at Jiyong with a serious look. "You look familiar." Ruby quickly began to feel butterflies in her stomach. "Jiyong? Yes your Jiyong. I remember now. You came here five years ago in a bad shape. How have you been?" "Im good i guess... you see Doc....I dont remember anything. All i can remember is waking up in the hospital bed. I dont even know my name." "Your Jiyong for sure. Hold on" The doctor gets up and went into his file cabinet. He pulls out a plastic bag which had a wallet. He gives it to Jiyong. "This is yours. It was the only thing you had with you when they found you" Jiying opens the bag and he takes out the wallet. The wallets has dry mud and dry blood. As he opens it he saw his ID. As he pulls it out, he saw a picture of himself. His name says Kwon Jiyong. "Doc, can you tell me what happened to me. Why i cant remember anything?" "Let me pull out your document." Jiyong looks inside the wallet and he saw a picture inside. As he pulls it out he saw that its one picture of him and Mino and another of Ruby. Jiyong looks at Ruby and she smiles at him. Jiyong seemed confused. "Ok Jiyong. In your MRI and CAT scans shows that you had hit your head pretty hard and you seemed to lost your memories, which are still now." "Is thier a way to get my memory back?" "No. Either comes on its own or never. Im sorry Jiyong" Ruby began to type to on her pad and then show it to the doctor. [What can we do to help him?] "He should stay to those who knows who he is. It can help remember or bring some of his memories" Ruby nodded and Jiyong began to look at the doctor. He puts the pictures and ID back into his wallets and put it on his pockets. "Thank you doctor." "Anytime. If any need of help, please contact me of anything" Dr. Park gives a card to Ruby. Then they leave the office. As they exit the building. Ruby gave Jiyong the pad. [Now you believe me. Your Jiyong. Now should we call Mino?] Jiyong looks at Ruby and the he nodded. He gives her his cellphone number to call Mino. "Hello" "Mino?" "Jiyong?! Where are you? Where is Ruby?" "She fine kid. We in Seoul. Where should we meet.?" "Tell Ruby to meet at the park next to the old house we use to live" " I think she can hear you man" "Betta be there" Jiyong hangs up Mino. Then Ruby goes to the park and Jiyong follows. They arrive at the park and Mino appeared. But all of a sudden, Mino appeared with a man pointing a gun onto his head.
Will Jiyong remember? What will happen to Mino? Will Him get what he wanted?





Chapter 4

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omg no Mino! Jiyong save your brother!
Oh my goodness! Things are getting serious
damn it.....I hope he remembers who the fuck he is
Why did you do that to me I was just about to be happy that they was going to be together and you go and do this come on now my heart can't deal. I hate that you are a good writing because I swear I been getting so into this stories. but really miss your writing