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(if you are not old enough to read this... or get away with reading it.... don't read it... I did warn ya. ) - Reader & Ssamthing Special Simon - oh candy canes~ oh candy canes~ I wonder sweet how you taste~ Are you ssamthing special with a sugar coating of smut?
I sat on the floor in the mdiddle of AOMG lounge. Glaring at the christmas tree in the window. We had put it up earlier, and Decorated it.... But it felt like it was missing something. Then it started to rain candycanes. I looked up to see Kiseok making it rain candy over me. "Its missing these." He said as if he read my mine. I pick up a rainbow candycane and put it in my mouth, before collecting a handful. "Will you help me put them on the tree?" He was the only one that was still in the building at this late hour. Mainly cause I was still here. Kiseok never like leaving me alone in the company, even though I was a manager for Kim Hyun Jung (Hoody), and had a key. "Sure." He pull at the candycane I had in my month, to tease me. "But afterward, you have to return the favor." I glare at him before handing over a handful of candycanes. We started to handle them on the tree. Including the broken ones. Kiseok held my waist, when I stood on a chair to put some at the top. I didn't notice his hands were on my bare skin, under my shirt, Until after I finish. His thumbs were slowly making circles on my lower back. slyly toying with my pants hem. He temove one of his hands though, to help me step down, like the gentlemen he is. I turn towards him after, to thank him. But then I noticed he had a candycane as well in his month. I grinned and pulled on it, "Thank you ... Mr.Candy Monster." He move closer a bit when I tugged, getting a chuckle from him. I bit down on mine then re-wrap it to save for later. I went to go back my stuff, and put the chair back. Kiseok clear his throat, getting my attention. He looked away as he crossed his arm. "What's upm You want me to give you a ride home?" I smiled before returning to putting my stuff in my bag. I felt his hands again, slowlybrush along my waist. "Actually can I cash in my favor now?" I stood up straight, and his arms wrap around my waist. It made me curious as to what he wanted. He only gave back hugs to woman he slept with though. "If its sex.... than no. We work together Simon. That'll be a conflict of in-..." He cut me off, by slowly turning my head, towards him, so I was looking him in the eyes. "I know, but its kind of hard to ignore my feelings for you. Ever since Jay hired you, I have beening eyeing you." I turn fully around, slightly pushing him away and raising an eyebrow. "Yah, I've been around here for a while now. You better change your tatics... cause I've watch how you get girls. That like ain't working on me." Kiseok chuckle, before taking my hand on his chest into his own. "I did that on purpose. I ws concern you would notice my feelings, amd be distance from me." He brought my hand to his lips, whilst closing his eyes. "Jung Kiseok, stop playing... I'm not falling cor any of this." I yank my hand from his, but since it was so close to his lip, my freshly done nails cut his lip. "Ow..." My jaw drop, from the shock of cutting him. "I am so sorry Kiseok oppa." I shyly touch below his cut lip, to have a droplet of blood run down my nail. "I'll go get the first aid-kit." I went to head to the bathroom, when he caught my hand. "I know a better way to treat it." I blinked at him, while he pulled me into his arm, and crush his lips against mine. His arm snake around my waist, to hold me closer. I couldn't being myself to fight him about this affair anymore. I had already physically harm him on accident. Kiseok pulled away, breaking the kiss first. "Y/n-ah, I'm not kidding, I really do have feelings for you. I have even slip up and moan out your name when I've slept with other woman. Its why you noticed I was slap those past times." I looked him in the eye, and can see he was being truthful with me. I had no words to say, cause my heart was always acking when he was with another woman. I had feelings for him for a while as well. He lean down to kiss me again, but my thumb brush along his wound. He froze and look at me, noticing my concern. "Its okay I'll treat it later....just please let me have my christmas persent now?" I sighed heavily as I just gave into my own desires. I wrap my arms around his neck, and brush my lips softly against his own. He then slip a hand between my pants and panties, whilst drawing circles along my waist with his index finger. He welcome my tongue into his mouth, happily to start a tongue war. Being the talent that he was, he was winning the war. He squeezed my rear, cause a moan to slip my lips. We pulled away from each other, whilst lightly panting. "Damn your curves... always getting me hard. You're the perfect thick." I giggled towards hos comment, before allowing him to guild me to the couch. He had me sit on his lap, while having me remove my sweater, revealing I had nothing but a bra underneath. "Mmm naughty... I like it." I reach over to my stuff and took out my candycane. I unwrap it to feed it to him. "Stop talking... I want action." He grin at me, as I notice his eyes glisten with excitement. Keiseok nodded his head, before i got on my knees on the floor. I quickly unfasten his pants and freed his hard candycane from its containment. He looked at me curious, as to what I was gonna do with it. I flick my tongue along the top, before sulking on the delicious hard lollipop. He groan, and lean his head back. "God I've only dreamt of how good this would feel." His fingers entange in my hair, as he guilded me to the pace his liked. My tongue worked around the popcycle, as he lean back and enjoy himself. "Damn y/n, ah~" The moment he buck his hips, I slowly came to a stop. I then remove his hand from my hair. Kiseok pouted and whimper, when I stopped. I licked my lips, and winked at him. He raise an eyebrow, when I sway my hips, whilst taking off my bottoms with my panties. He bit his wounded lip, as I straddle his lap once again. "This is the only time... If you want another time, you have to actually prove your feelings for me." I put him in his place, as he nodded his head, understanding. He then rub my hips, and move down to my thighs, as I slip the candycane inside of me. A small whimper came from both of us. I started off slow but pick up a fast pace has I went. Once Kiseok started bucking his hips, the pleasure started couring throught my entire being. "Ki-Kiseok o-oppa~." Once I moam out his name, a switch turn on. He move closer to my body, grip hold of my hips, and started to pound inside of me. Our breathing for heavier, and our moans louder. "Damn y/n I'm so clo-...." It was my turn to cut him off. Crush my lips on his as we kept going. I know he was at his limit, and so was I. He slap my ass, making it echo through the studio, and causing me to yelp. He grin, and kissed along my neck. I was too intoxicated from the pleasure he was creating, to care he slap my ass. We both hit. our climax together, but instead of moving off him. Kiseok grabbed his jacket and wrap it arounc my shoulders. He then pulled me closer, so my head was resting on his shoulder. I faintly touc the tiny cut I created. "y/n, will you be my lover for a life time?" I sat up a bit caught off guard by his words. "Will you be my girlfriend... I want you and only you. I mean it." My instincts took control, and I kissed him deeply. "Ne, I would love to be your lady."
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SMH a coating of smut though?! Wae!? you and Craig are killing me!