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[ Flashback 3yrs ago ] [ Yanna's POV ] Shit. I'm going to get scolded for this again. I looked around to look for someone with a red pen and I saw this guy beside me putting a pen back into his bag. "Hey." I called out to him but he wasn't looking. "Hey you with a bowl head." this time he turned his head at me with his brows slightly raised. "Can I borrow your pen?" "This? But we're not allowed to-" I didn't let him finish and grabbed his pen off his hands. I need 4 more points to pass the exam. I don't care about cheating as long as I won't get scolded by mom again. I only got 41pts, but if I change the number 1 into a number 7, pretty sure no one would notice. "What the hell?! I thought this was red??!" I looked at the guy beside me. "Well, it's just the casing. It's actually black." "Yeah I know. I can see it clearly. Now how am I supposed to erase this??" I was starting to panic when our teacher told us to pass our papers after rechecking them. "That's what you get for cheating, but don't worry. I won't tell on you. It's quite obvious anyway." he stood and passed his paper upfront then left me dumbfounded. - "That idiot! Pretty sure he knew what I was going to do. He didn't even bother stopping me!" I was walking towards my secret place. I can't believe I spent 3hrs in detention. Good thing it's my first warning and they won't tell my parents about it. We got enough problems back at home, I don't need to add one up. I sat on the grass looking up at the sky, the light coming from the sun slowly fading. "You're a jerk. Screw this." I held the pen up, and threw it behind me before lying down, with my hands underneath my head. After a few minutes. I was starting to drift off to sleep but something hard hit my head. "OOW! WHAT THE HELL??" I sit up straight and started looking around. "Next time, give back what you borrowed. Don't throw it anywhere." said the voice behind me. It's him again. "Well you could've just kept that pen instead of throwing it back at me!" I shouted. "Well, you could keep it. Maybe you've thrown it countless times already. It's probably not working by now." he said as he sat next to me. "Why are you here? Will you please get lost? This is my getaway place. Look for your own." "Uh no. Actually this is mine. I got here first then suddenly you came here often, too. I'm just sitting at that tree eversince. You get lost." I looked at his calm eyes which made me more annoyed. I knew he wasn't lying by the looks of it. I then looked at the pen, and realized something. All this time I was trouble for him and didn't even thank him. I was the one at fault. "No. I'll stay. This pen is still working. Thank you for this." "Fine. Stay. On one condition." "What is it?" "Be my friend." I was taken aback by what he said, but I still accepted it. I reached my arm forward, "Hi. I'm Yanna." "Nice to meet you, Yanna. I'm Taehyung." The moment our hands met, it felt really warm. It's definitely a friendship worth looking forward to. --
Hi guys. Sorry for not updating. I was busy with acads so I couldn't think of anything to add to the story. I'm currently working in my thesis, so I hope you understand. :)) I'll try my best to update sooner, and update at least 3 chapters today. Leave your suggestions, requests, and reactions on the comments section below! If you want to be tagged, too, just comment below :)) Tags: B: @BTSxEXO E: @EmilyCayetano J: @JaxomB T: @Taekookimonster @Tae4everyoung