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What's up peeps? This is my first EVER Kpop fanfic. Please, be nice. It's a working progress, and any advice is appreciated. So, without further ado, let's begin...
I sighed as I looked around my new, tiny, apartment. It was a clean slate, and I was finally here: Seoul, South Korea. I had worked my butt off in education and English so I could get a work visa and come here to work for the next two years. Somehow, Id gotten the job of my dreams: I got a position with Jellyfish working with Kpop artists who were trying to learn more English to increase their fan base and reach new areas of the music industry. Of course, I didnt get paid a whole bunch, so I only had a tiny apartment with barely enough room to live and eat, but that was okay because I was totally single and it didnt matter as long as I got to work. That night, I unpacked and made my bed. I had brought as little as possible with me since I knew it was going to be tiny, so the walls were pretty much bare: I had left all my VIXX posters back at home in my parents house, but I had brought all of their albums and fan products. They were, after all, my ultimate bias group, and I couldnt wait to start working with them. I dont know what I am going to do when I met Ken. He is my ultimate bias, of every bias and every group, and VIXX. Hands down. Id never met anyone famous, and Im afraid of making a fool of myself. But, I wont know until I meet them. Tomorrow I had to be at the Jellyfish studio at 7 am, bright and early
I had hoped to have more time to settle in than one night, but my flight got delayed by a whole day so I was running a bit behind. Luckily, the first thing I did getting off the plane today was go straight to Jellyfish Studio and work my way to my new apartment from there, so Id not be late to work. It would be very bad to set that precedent. Lying in bed that night, I was exhausted with jet lag, but my mind was running a million miles an hour with all of the possible ways I could meet my favorite people in the whole world. However, sleep quickly caught up to me and I was asleep faster than I believed possible, given my situation. I looked at the building in front of me, jacket on, scarf wrapped securely around me, black gloves, black boots, with my breath forming in a small cloud of heat as I breathed into the cold air. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I repeated to myself in English. I huffed, gathered my courage, and walked through the front door. Hi, I immediately saw a guard, Im the new worker, Im here for the English position? Yes. Come in. Shut the door. Of course, I shut the door and the warmth enveloped me. I shivered, trying to shake off the bitter cold that had surrounded me on my brief walk from my apartment to the studio. You will head straight and then turn left, the president will meet you there. Thank you, I bowed slightly with a warm smile and followed his instructions.
I got to the end of the hall and turned left and found a closed door with a light on inside. I knocked, Come in. Pushing open the door, I looked into the face of my new boss with a bright smile, Good morning sir, my name is Michelle Smith, Im here as the new English language teacher. Ah yes, please come in. You are bright and early. I find it a professionally important attitude to have, to be early because you never know when something could go wrong. I like that. I believe my assistant briefed you on the majority of your duties? Yes. And Ive memorized the map that was provided of the building, along with the addresses of all of the locations of the artists that we train and the ones we work with. I am ready to begin whenever you give the word. Excellent. I can see why we hired you. Well, Ill walk you down the hall then while we discuss further details about security and privacy for our artists. Yes sir, I waited until he had gotten up and started walking, to walk as close to him as possible as he spoke. You are aware of our privacy policies? Crystal clear. I will do nothing to jeopardize the safety and happiness of our artist at Jellyfish. Good.
As we were walking, I heard music from one of the studios and as we passed a door which was slightly ajar, we stopped, Thats Leo. Hes working on a new song, but he seems to be stuck, the boss explained. Oh. I hope he figures it out soon then. His studies should give him a little distraction, perhaps it will help his block. I am looking forward to meeting all of the artists at Jellyfish. I find them very talented and look forward to working hard to see them succeed. I like you more and more. Here we go, youll use this room to train our artists in learning English. I know you probably already know this, but if they are focusing on learning a new language, they wont have nearly as much time to devote to their musical careers until they get over a few hurdles in the language. I am aware. Ok. Thats why you will begin with VIXX since theyd just had several new mini-albums released and need a good break. This will be training that will help them when they get back to their musical careers. Of course. Well, Ill let you set up for your lesson. The others should be arriving by 7:10 to begin.
Thank you very much, I bowed slightly at the waist in respect as he left. As soon as he was gone, I shut the door and rearranged the classroom. They had placed a long table on one end of the room with a board propped up on a stand and some markers, and two other smaller tables with chairs. So, these were our desks then. It could be much, much worse. Opening my bag with my lessons, I quickly set up everything that we would need for the first lesson, trying to keep my beating heart from bursting from my chest in excitement. I hope I dont faint. When I couldnt rearrange the papers or the dry-erase markers anymore, I sat down and started trying to get my new Korean cell phone to work. Id made sure to stop by a store yesterday as well and gotten one that worked in Korea, but I still had my American cell phone with international capabilities. That one was at home because I wasnt going to use it as much as my Korean phone, while I was staying in Korea. There was a knock on the door, Come in, I called out. Swinging open, a smiling face popped into the room, Hi, you must be Miss Smith. Its nice to meet you, my name is...
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Awwww I'm excited to see what else happens in this story!! I love the plot idea so far, very interesting!