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Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I've been working a lot, and because I work nights, my days don't make any sense to me! (Also I've been sick because of this stupid southeast Texas garbage weather! Shout out to my Texas followers!)
Mystic messenger People following me, I apologize about not updating at all. Under certain circumstances the phone I was using basically was taken but not really. Long story short, I've had the same line since 2006, and the person I paid the long phone bill too, turned off my phone. Leaving me to get a phone that didn't support the app, now we are back to having a phone that does! When I mean doesn't support the app, I mean wouldn't even download because it took up so much space, heck it didn't even support Vingle! That's when your know the phone was super cheaply prepaid!
Kpop news people who like the way I bring you some news only hours after it happens, I just haven't kept up with it >.> I do apologize.
For anything else y'all may follow me for, I will try harder! Hopefully when this virus passes, I can get back to where I want to be!
Until Zen (hahahahahahahaha) I have to go do some numbers at work!