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I have a little rant to go on about.
Okay. guys. I love bts. I love army. But really? why do I always seem to see unrelated videos spammed with Bts comments. This time is really got on my nerves because a band I keep close to my heart just dropped a song from their new album and as I was scrolling down for honest opinions from other long time fans I get to that comment from army.
I know I can't be the only person who gets annoyed by this. AND I know all army isn't like this... But damn. Can you not?
why must some army's ruin the fun for the rest of us?
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like I wanted to learn how to bake not see you spam the comments section
Sadly there are always gonna be those types of people. 😑
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I dont even know, and i agree that its really unnecessary and random, but like you said in your card not all Army are like that. 😮
They are literally everywhere, I never noticed before because I hadn't gotten into Kpop yet but now that I am, they are I'm every comment section in every video possible
Im kind of used to it by now, before ARMY's it was 1Directioners. What I think is annoying is going on a video and commenting about the video, then have an Army see my profile pic (TaeTae) and go 'AYE ARMY, WE'RE EVERYWHERE'. But other than that, its not that big of a deal, be honest guys, if you wernt into Kpop you wouldn't even know what they were talking about and you'd ignore it.