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EXO's Christmas songs always turn me into an emotional mess, but For Life album literally made me feel fuzzy, got me all emo, and dabbing (*sobs* EXO freaking made me dab!!!) in a span of 36 minutes....
Seriously the lyrics for For Life are swoon worthy 😍😍😍 (alas I remember I'm potato, free, and single 😞😞😞)
Now moving onto the mv....was I the only one who was confused???? I still don't understand what is going on??? Is the girl three timing them??? Is this a ChanKai mv??? Why is Suho sleeping in the middle of the forest?!?!?! Are they hinting at OT12??? Is Kai wearing his coming over outfit??? Is the mv a loop??? questions questions...
I was actually squealing while listening to the songs....I had prepared to turn into an emotional mess but this album actually had me swooning....they literally wrote the most cheesiest album ever for us 😍😍😍
P.S. Did I mention Kyungsoo, Yixing, and Joonmyeon called us their babe and they 'only want us for Christmas' *blushes*

Check out the mv for EXO - For Life!

I thought the music video was like The guys trying to get to her and then when it went to her I was wondering was she with Chanyeol and she was trying to get back to him and she knew kai knew him so she gave him the watch to give to yeol.
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see that's just confusing. one of the reasons I love them though lol
I honestly want to listen to this album on repeat for the rest of the year