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EXO Sci-Fi
“Xiumin… are you alive?” someone asked. Xiumin struggled to pull himself awake. His body was in pain, his head throbbed, his stomach turned as the room began to spin out of control. He felt someone pulling him over as he heaved everything from his stomach out his mouth. He pushed himself away from the mess he made on the floor. Someone helped him sit up. “Are you okay?” someone else asked. A voice he recognized right away. He looked around through one eye. The room was huge, there were beds along the wall. He closed his eyes tight, rubbing them. When he opened them, he recognized the boy sitting next to him, helping to hold him steady, “Just breathe” Suho said rubbing his back. “Where are we?” Xiumin finally said. He watched Yifan clean up his mess and flush it down a toilet protruding from the far wall. He seen Lay, whom he hadn't seen for a few months, sitting on a bed holding a little boy on his knee and his arm around another one sitting close next to him. He had to guess that they were Kai and Sehun. They must have been crying because he could see trails down their dirty cheeks. He heard Chanyeol and a couple other boys banging on the door. He looked around more, he seen Kyung sitting in the corner, holding his knees, looking like he was in shock. Chen wandered over to him and sat down next to Kyung, laying his head on his shoulder. “Where’s Luhan?” “He's here…” Yifan pointed at the body lying next to Xiumin. “He woke up but he's been like this ever since.” Yifan sat next to Luhan, pulling him into his lap like a baby. “I don't know what's wrong with him.” He sounded as though he was going to cry. Kai climbed off the bed and went to Xiumin and sat in his lap. Xiumin held him, “Hello little Kai, where’s your daddy?” His little lip poked out, his mouth forming a frown, “That monster took him. Daddy tried to fight him when he shot mommy” He started to cry. Xiumin pulled his shirt up and wiped his face. “Shhhh, don't cry” he hugged him tightly. “Don't cry. Monsters aren't real. There's no monsters here, just us.” Suho wanted to cry too but held it back the best he could, “There was a monster. He took my parents, I tried to run away but he was too fast. He shot me with electricity and I woke up here.” He got up and went to a bed, he started sobbing. One of the boys banging on the door stopped when he seen Suho crying by himself. When he turned and went to sit with him, Xiumin seen that it was Tao, he looked at the other boy still kicking at the door. Chanyeol grabbed Baek and dragged him away kicking, telling him it was no use. “No we have to keep trying!” Baek said freeing himself from Chanyeol's grip. He took a running start and slammed into the metal door with his shoulder. He bounced back, yelping in pain. He held his shoulder as he started kicking the door again. Xiumin was surprised at the words coming out of Baek’s mouth. Chanyeol wrapped his arms around Baek. Baek's last kick sent them flying backwards onto the floor. Baek laid on top of Chanyeol, tears pouring from his eyes. Chanyeol rocked him, even as he started to cry too. Poor Sehun, seeing the others crying, made him cry as well. Lay comforted him. Xiumin looked Luhan over, Luhan just laid limp. He shook his head, “Luhan…” no response, “LUHAN!” Still no response. Then he remembered something he had seen on tv, when someone is in shock, sometimes a slap across the face can bring them around. He hesitated and only tapped him once, quick and light. Nothing, not even a blink. Yifan shook him. Only his head lolled from side to side. Xiumin worked himself up, pulled Luhan up by his shirt, raised his hand high. Yifan watched a little horrified at what Xiumin was going to do. Xiumin brought his hand down and across, slapping him hard across the face. Luhan’s eyes blinked. His round face twisted into pain as he started to scream, “HE KILLED THEM! AAAARGHHH HE KILLED THEM!! MAMA! MAMA! DON'T DIE, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!” Xiumin and Yifan wrapped their arms around Luhan, holding him tightly. He wondered about his own mom, about all their moms and dads. Were they all dead too?