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EXO Sci-Fi
A day had passed, maybe two days, before someone came in. He just stood there with a gun in his hands, waiting and watching them. Baek jumped up, Chen pulled his arm and told him to sit, “No! I want to know where my parents are? Why are you keeping us here?” For someone so small, he was brave. The guard looked at him from behind his dark goggles and then left. “Baek, shut up! You're going to get us in trouble!” Lay said upset. The door opened again, the guard dragged someone in and threw them on the floor and then left again. They sat up rubbing their arm after having landed on it. All the boys huddled together between two beds. Only Xiumin, Yifan, and Suho stood up front. When the person turned around, Kyung cried out, pushing his way through the others. The woman held out her arms, Kyung jumped on her. “Kyung! Oh my baby, are you okay? Did they hurt you?” She sat on the floor with him. When she seen the other boys, she motioned to them to come and hugged them as well. Kyung wouldn't let go even as she tried to squeeze them all at once. “The little ones” she picked up Kai and Sehun and sat on a bed. Kyung never letting go of her the whole time. “Are you all okay? Did they hurt any of you?” “We're okay.” Yifan answered. “They give us food and water, so that's okay.” he laughed a little. “Where are my parents?” Tao asked. Everyone else followed with the same question. She looked at all of them. It was hard to answer that question knowing either one or both parents are gone. She tried to smile the best she could, “some of you may already know.” She looked at Luhan, who was being very quiet, “All I can tell you is that I see some of them and they are very worried about you all. But I need to tell you something, I need you all to listen.” They all sat down at her feet, waiting to hear what she had to say. They learned that if one parent speaks they are to listen like it was their own parent speaking. “Whatever happens, whatever they do to you, we need you all to try very hard to keep your wits. If they try to make you do things, try to make you use your powers, don't listen to them. No matter what they do…” she bit her lips shut, not wanting to say it but she had to. With a shaky voice she went on, “Even if they threaten you… Even if they say they'll kill us. Do you understand?” They all nodded. “We understand” Days would go by without seeing any of the adults. Then one day, a guard came and pulled Chanyeol out of the room. When he was brought back, he was crying in pain, holding his hands. There were bright red marks all over his body. Suho tried to help him by putting cold water on his skin to cool him. “What did they do?” Yifan asked. Chanyeol opened his hands, they looked burned, “I couldn't help it. They had my mother, they were hurting her. They told me to help her but I didn't know how, they wouldn't let me go to her. They put these things all over me, it felt like electricity. Every time they hurt her, they would tell me to help her or else she would die. And then it happened…” he curled his hands into his body. “What happened?” “Fire. Fire came out of my hands” He rolled over in pain. “Don't touch me, just, just let me be.” The others were scared after hearing Chanyeol. Kyung’s mother had told them not to listen to them. They didn't know what was going to happen next. More days passed. One at a time, everyone would be taken out and brought back. Sometimes in pain, sometimes unconscious, sometimes not at all. Those that did come back, said they were put into another room by themselves, even the little ones. Every now and then, someone's parent would be brought in and then dragged away. Most nights were filled with tears, other nights were quiet. They would gather close together and sing until everyone fell asleep. “It's getting worse, what they do to me. I don't know how much longer I can keep from using them.” Suho said. He laid on the floor, looking at the ceiling. “Just try, Suho” Luhan said from the bed next to him. “We have to keep our wits, remember?” “But Chan already unleashed his, so did Lay.” Luhan sighed, thinking of what Lay had told them, “he couldn't help it, they both couldn't. Lay couldn't watch his parents die. If I had his power,” Luhan swallowed his spit, trying to knock the knot in his throat down, “my parents would still be alive.” Suho sat up, he tried to smile at him and then held his hand. He looked around, only one was missing. He was kinda worried about it, Tao had been gone longer than usual. Two things could have happened, Tao was taken to another room again or… Suho didn't want to think of it. And then all of a sudden, the little ones, Sehun and Kai, started crying. Luhan sat up in bed clutching his chest, Xiumin slumped down on the floor, a wave of sadness swept through the room. Everyone felt it. They all held onto one another. “What happen? What was that?” Suho asked quietly. He was feeling an uneasiness in his chest. “It was Tao…. He's gone.” Xiumin said sullen. Alarms went off outside the door.