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EXO Sci-Fi
Little Tao followed willingly to the room they take them to. He automatically went to the chair and waited to be strapped in. For him this was a joke, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't figure out what so special about him. Today he was going to do it again, he was going to stop time for as long as he could and try to find a way out. Last time he stopped everything for a whole minute but he'd been practicing since then. He made himself comfortable in the chair and sure enough, someone strapped his arms down. Electrodes were placed on his forehead, on his arms, on his stomach, and on his feet. He waited for them to start. Tao, watched them, waiting for a good moment, just when he was about to stop time, they brought his father in. “Papa!“ “Tao!” His father ran over to him. “Are you okay? I've missed you” “I've missed you too Papa. When are we going to leave this place?” His father shook his head, “I don't know.” They pulled him away and put him in a chair across from Tao. Tao cried out when he seen them point a gun at his father. His father shook his head, “Don't worry my son. It'll be okay. Don't worry.” Tao heard a voice from behind him. “For days, we've been trying to figure you out. This is the last time.” “No. We told you, some children don't develop any powers. Tao maybe one of those that don't. Please leave him alone.” That voice boomed throughout the room, “No. He has something special hidden. Last time, something was a miss and it was found under his mattress. Now we're going to find out how he got it without anyone seeing him.” Tao watched in fright as they beat his father bloody. He screamed and struggled trying to free himself from his restraints. When they stopped, a guard took aim and fired his gun at Tao's father. Tao threw his hand up and everything stopped. He wiggled his other hand free and jumped off the chair. As he passed the bullet, he seen the ripples it was sending out starting to move faster. He knew his time was up. He jumped in front of his father just as time kicked in. The bullet entered his back. His father caught him in his arms. “Papa, I'm sorry.” Tao's father screamed out. His little body fell limp in his arms. People were scrambling trying to figure how he got there so fast. Gathering around him and his dead son. “You want to know how he did it?!” He yelled out. “I'll show you.” He looked up at everyone looking down at them, guns pointed at him. He swing his arm up and time stopped. He picked Tao up and carried him out. He carefully laid him on the ground and went back into the room. He overturned tables, pushed people aside looking for anything flammable. When he did, he spread it around and lit the room on fire. He went out, picked his son up and disappeared, letting time resume.
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