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EXO Sci-Fi
They wept feeling an emptiness like they had lost a piece of themselves. No one came for them for days. They started feel as though it was over, that the experiments were done. They were brought food and water as usual but no parent ever came. Xiumin meticulously kept track of days, according to him a month had passed since Tao left and when they were taken again. They waited silently, huddled together in the corner, waiting for Kyung to be brought back, if he survives. The ground began to rumble underneath them, the cement walls groaned and cracked a bit. It could have been an earthquake for anyone else to guess but for them, they knew. Kyung broke. After what seemed like forever, he was brought back, exhausted and left on the floor. Xiumin and Yifan helped him to a bed. Kai and Sehun went over to Kyung and held his hand. “Kyung, can you sing us a song?” Kai asked nicely. Kyung smiled, “I will but I want to sleep, okay? When I wake up I'll sing you a song.” They both crawled next to Kyung and fell asleep together. A guard came and took Luhan. Then a few minutes later, he came back and took Yifan. A few minutes later, they took Xiumin. Xiumin was lead into a room that was different from the one before. It was bigger, there were chairs all in a circle, monitors lined a wall. He seen Luhan and Yifan sitting in two of the chairs. He was brought to another chair and strapped down. “Today, we are going to find out what you hold inside you.” This was something they were used to hearing. “Xiumin. I don't think I can hold back this time.” Luhan said staring up at the ceiling. “Look at me Luhan, when you feel like it's going to happen, look at me” Xiumin said to him. There was a person dressed in those white clothes with a medical mask on, standing next to him, listening. They're head tilted to one side, curiously watching him as he spoke. “What is that language your speaking?” She asked, “It's like soft bells, or like…” she stopped and closed her eyes, “like windchimes” Xiumin looked up at her, her head still tilted to one side, her eyes pouring down at him. He shook his head. “I don't know what you're talking about.” He said to her. Her head went back, she swooned a little, “I wish I knew what you were saying.” Someone came behind her and pushed her ear plug back in. She shook her head and continued what she was doing. He found it weird that he could understand her but she couldn't understand him. And her behavior. The way she seemed to go into a daze. He was young but he understood. He thought back to their lessons, how Luhan's mother was trying to teach them the language from the nearby cities. How she said they needed to learn to control their tones. That there was something in their voices that caused the people of this planet to fall. It made them easily controlled. Every time one of these medical people came near, he would speak. But after a while, he noticed they were all wearing ear plugs or had something covering their ears. He sat back in the chair realizing the guards never listened to them because they couldn't hear them. No one heard them. Everyone cleared the room. Yifan started to tremble thinking of what was going to happen. Last time he nearly lost it watching his parents being tortured. He wondered what they were up to this time having the three of them together like this. The room was quiet. Xiumin looked at his friends, wanting to give them strength. Then he realized it wasn't about him or Yifan, it was about Luhan. They wanted Luhan to give in, him and Yifan were his weakness. “NO!” Luhan screamed feeling the first of the shocks. “Show us.” The voice echoed. Luhan screamed again, his body arching off the chair. “NO!” He screamed, “I CAN'T!” He cried out to Xiumin but Xiumin could do nothing but wiggle in his chair, trying to get free. Then he felt it. Electricity shooting through his body, he screamed and then he heard Yifan screaming. “Luhan, show us or watch your friends die.” More electricity shot through his body, this time more stronger and longer. He felt his body go cold, he fought it back. He knew Yifan was fighting as well, he looked over at him, he could see Yifan’s body lifting off the chair a little, trying to pull away. Yifan gritted his teeth pushing his need to fly, down into his stomach. “Don't give in Luhan!” Yifan yelled at him. But it was too late.